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  1. I've had everything due refunded, the card I originally used is 2 back now but they managed to get the refund back onto my current card without any help from me. No complaints.
  2. Cheltenham will be using them for their play off against Northampton, apparently they will all be taking coaches up to Wembley if they get to the final as well.
  3. Of course I want to get there, but if we do get there it will be by working within the FFP rules as they stand. Having said that the best season I have experienced in the 50 odd years I have been supporting City was a couple of years back when we won League 1 and the Tinpot cup, we played some great football while the ground was being redeveloped around us. Fighting to exist just above the bottom 3 in the Prem isn't necessarily that attractive. If we build the infrastructure, new training ground next year, phase II of the Ashton Gate development to add the Basketball arena, hotels etc, more co
  4. Lost the play off final to Hull City, so yes closer than now, other than a Windass wonder goal we were very close, could argue we were the better team on the day, but we lost so we can't have been can we.
  5. Bit pointless really, we aren't going up and you are definitely coming down.
  6. For my sins I watched the game (dodgy Firestick), mainly out of curiosity, Sunderland were woeful all over the pitch, Semenyo when he got involved was no worse than any of the rest of them, he seemed to play wide left of what became a front 3 at times. Everything went through that thug Lafferty who did his best to get sent off. Not sure he is gong to benefit hugely from the loan. Both teams we diving all over the place, the level of football quality was dreadful and you can see the huge gap between League and the Championship. The bias commentators (Radio Bristol) thought that Semenyo looked d
  7. I was told by a Cheltenham supporter that he was sent up to them to get him out of City because he was being disruptive, almost putting him on the naughty step and possible because of the relationship between City and the Johnson's. I saw him at Watford and also a few times for Bath City, always looks sharp, hopefully he has grown up a bit and we will still see the best of him.
  8. There are streaming services around that you can get to plug into an Amazon Firestick, they charge a subscription but only about £50 or £60 pa, all EPL and EFL games are streamed to some far corner of the world, bit late for tonight but for the future a much better option than paying Sky and BT a fortune and only get the games they want to show you.
  9. Their old pitch in the middle of town would have been 3 ft under water by now, if I remember the new one is sort built on a bit of high ground, certainly had to walk up hill to get there from the pub car park, hopefully the drainage is good, it's a new ground so should be ok.
  10. I watched the first match and wished I hadn't, think I'll just check the BBC at 10pm with one eye shut.
  11. Do the season ticket prices compare to other London sides in the Championship? Adult prices from £419 to £740?
  12. How much are the tickets for Shrewsbury supporters? Hopefully not £10 while forcing me to pay £15 to sit in my season ticket seat?
  13. Watched it a few times, he actually goes down with his legs part which makes it look like a dive, if there had been contact on is left foot it would have been pushed across his right making him fall, maybe he felt upper body contact and thought it was enough to fall, I can't see how his trailing leg could be clipped by someone running at a 45 deg angle across him and those legs to be 2 ft apart when he took his swallow dive.
  14. Bowen at Hull is out of contract end of season so likely to go in January.
  15. Agree with this, keeper should never have given the ref a decision to make, looked a poor decision but definitely a dive so the blame lies with the Albion player for conning the ref.
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