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  1. Would have to disagree with Mourinho at this moment in time. They're better forwards right now than him. Ivan Toney must be pushing for an England call up the way he is going.
  2. Back at Paddington. On the tube had a massive grin on my face surrounded by QPR fans. COYR
  3. On my way there today. Easy journey and a good day out. Let’s hope for a repeat of history and 3 points.
  4. Still around here Mark?
  5. People seem to be making out we’re in some sort of crisis. The home form is poor, get that. But we’re 13th after 7 games. See where we are after 10 games and that’s when you get a feel as to where teams finish. I said this before start of the season. I’d happily take 21st now. We have a very poor squad thanks to the previous regime. Finish mid-table this season and Pearson has done a fantastic job.
  6. Pearson has done great so far this season if you ask me.
  7. Toilet roll over or under Nige?
  8. We’re miserable sods. Let us be miserable Lights out. Phones torches are out now. Is this a U2 concert?
  9. Perhaps it’s just me, lack of alcohol or lack of domestic football this weekend involving City. Just me who now believes Soccer Aid is shite? It gets worse and worse every year with the standard of celebs. I know enough now the likes of Olly Murs and Usain Bolt are absolutely shite and couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. I’d rather much see a professional game of England Legend XI’s vs RoW Legends XI’s. Think it would be a lot more appealing!
  10. I was hoping off the back of the Euros that Southgate would experiment and try go for it a bit more by dropping either Rice or Phillips. Kane just misses a 1 on 1….
  11. Lyle Taylor at 7pm but we’re still debating which time zone
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