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  1. Only played for ROI mins. An incredibly poor side. Again, doesn’t say much.
  2. With the likes of LJ, Holden, Appleton etc. I don’t think that says too much
  3. Kante Fabinho Salah De Bruyne Foden Can we bid for any of those? *Edit anyone who puts in O’Dowda should get 40 lashes
  4. If I recall following the playoffs. He dropped hints about leaving then. So not the biggest surprise.
  5. Says more about KP then. Perhaps he’s matured now into realising where he needs to be. Let’s hope so!
  6. That’s quite alarming. For both player and previous regime
  7. They still think we’re going to fix the Dolman tannoy system!
  8. Has it be confirmed on the OS?
  9. As much as I'd like GS to leave. Don't feel there is much point with the WC in 16 months time. The squad appear to have a strong bond and gel together more so than any other english squad we've seen in decades, and I think GS is a factor in that. Southgate needs to focus more on what we can potentially do to the opposition. Rather than what the opposition can do to us. Has to drop one of the defensive midfielders and replace with either Mount/Foden/Grealish. While having either Sterling, Sancho, or Saka covering the wings.
  10. With Southgate, I don’t fancy our chances. We’re set up too defensive and seem to be more concerned with the opposition rather than ourselves. Second half proved that against Italy who were there for the taking. I understand there are questions over our defence, but we have to find a system which engages positive attacking football. The likes of Grealish should have had more starts. Need to bin two defensive midfielders in my eyes
  11. Looks more like a training shirt
  12. Agreed. I wonder if the occasion is getting the better of him.
  13. Will AG be showing final and if so are tickets needed?
  14. Good on them. I'd do exactly the same.
  15. Why would you trust Morata with a pen. Jeez!
  16. It’s 0400 and I’ve lost my pants
  17. But apparently it’s all Southgate’s master plan..
  18. Absolutely, I give credit. We won 2-0 and I'm happy. But by god, we can't continue to play for a 1-0. He has to drop at least Phillips or Rice next game and start Grealish. We need more bite and venom in the oppositions half.
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