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  1. You’ve made a start @Mr Popodopolous by letting us know (even if not ready to share details at this moment in time). That itself is a step in the right direction
  2. Just had a look. Was with Palace inside opening 2 mins
  3. Was always a huge fan of Neil Danns from his Colchester days. Was always pissed Birmingham took him. Believe while playing for Leicester. He scored an absolute screamer of a free kick within 45 seconds at AG.
  4. My plan exactly Ecko. Another member on this forum has PMed me and has given me advice based upon their background. Very grateful to an amazing bunch we have on here.
  5. Well, thought I'd share an update on this one. If you can't laugh, then you'll cry. We actually seen each other on a night out a few weeks ago in what was a very small bar (only just bigger than a micro pub literally). I decided to stay clear and keep my distance. Just in case she decided to cause a scene. Told my friend who I was with I'm going to stay by the bar. My friend decided to go for a boogie in it's very small dance area bit. Where she and her friend were. Bearing in mind my friend does not know her or knew what she looked like. She decided to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to **** off and for me to go also. My friend came back quite shocked. Told him to go enjoy himself and ignore her as she has no right. Skip a long story short, come 0100 at closure of this bar she decided to kick off at me and get quite vicious. Bearing in mind I haven't looked at her, or been near her for the duration. Still kept my cool and did not lower myself to her behaviour. Bearing in mind I have done absolutely nothing wrong. My friend stuck up for me and gave her a few home truths from what he seen that night (telling her he's 10 times the person you are and you didn't deserve him) Could have kissed him at this point! She then lunged for him and was about to punch him before her friend stepped in and stopped her (who's actually a nice girl and I have no issue with). My ex even then told her own friend to **** off and she stormed off. This is behaviour you'd expect from people when they've had one too many, but this was her completely sober. By the time I got home, she then decided to message me via FB and then tried to blame the whole ordeal on me. This is where I got frustrated with myself as I lowered myself to her level and we ended up in a slanging match via FB for the next 2 hours. By this point it was 0430 and I was so angry I couldn't sleep. I'm so grateful things did not work out. My life would have been such a misery all because of her. The good thing is, the people who are even friends with her know what she is like and have all informed me you can do and deserve a lot better. I just find it absolutely baffling she blames everyone else for everything and believes she isn't the issue, or at least part of it. From what I've been told today. She's been having digs at me all weekend via social media without name dropping me, and also having a pop at my mum. Who was nothing but sweet and caring for her. Even helped prepped her for her new job. Sorry for the long rant, but it's totally sucked the life out of me. I honesty can't believe people can be this toxic and carry so much hate and negativity in life. I'm taking this as a lucky escape. As I think I am ex boyfriend number 8 or so!
  6. Recap I've taken from NP tonight: Nigel wants to be competitive. May just be me. But wants this squad of players to aim high this coming season Squad looking fitter than last season Naismith secured a better contract offer here than at Luton. Naismith excited at the project at Bristol City. Confident Sykes & Wilson have the technicality, motivation and desire to be successful. Something that is often not talked about in players. 3 players that were brought in on a free helped us massively due to our financial predicament. Wants to achieve his 3 year objective as originally set out. However, now believes it may take a bit longer due to our situation and the current market. Still has ambition to sign more players. Less likely to do more business due to current financial challenges. But states things could change. Highlighted there has been interest from some clubs with a couple of our players but doesn't want to lose any of these players. Will not disclose who's impressed him this pre-season. Spoke with Tins, wants to put some young players out on loan. Due to the numbers, cannot afford to do so. Young players pathways could be disrupted as numbers are short in the squad. Joe Williams - always going to be a concern with his injury record. Joe may not play 2 games in a short space of time (i.e, Saturday, Tues, Saturday). Semenyo - Hoping to be back in September from injury. Kalas - Not making much progress on his injury. Something that has cropped up before Massengo - No update on Massengo contract. Offer on the table for over a season more or less to sign. Squad player who may get game time (sounds like he won't be a first starter going forward). No interest in him from other clubs. Sounds like he will run contract down. Vyner - Appears to me the club cannot offload him. Sounds like he's just making up the squad numbers. NP highlights he's had a good pre-season however. In terms of the operation of the football club. Wants those high up to take on the challenge of moving up the ladder and having the ambition to progress. Understands the challenges and issues but everyone involved with the club needs to find a way to progress. Loan Players - Not keen. You sign PL loan players, their wages are high and it bites into the wage budget. Not a cheap option. Again, not ruling out but would have to be the right loan signing. Also highlights other Championship clubs are chasing the same young players to loan. Starting XI for Saturday not yet finalised. Knows the bulk of his first XI but players still have 4 days to change his mind.
  7. I’d be surprised if Lampard was still in charge by the World Cup break.
  8. Well that’s our x1 penalty of the season sorted already.
  9. Finish above 17th. That’s progress for me. Still a lot of work to be done
  10. Have a feeling Euell is going to be our next Head Coach.
  11. Thought they’d be in for him. Liverpool are crying out for a midfielder in his mould.
  12. Honestly thought he’d stay at Brentford. Can understand the move to Man U. Feel like he could have aimed higher however.
  13. Not a bad player in his day
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