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  1. The summer we really needed a new defence. We went and got Davies and Baldock!
  2. Realised his error. Apologised. Lesson learned. Move on.
  3. Should give it to our players. Might be up for it a bit more and run around a bit more
  4. I do wonder if we brought in Simpson at the time as the Tanner deal wasn’t coming to fruition.
  5. Speaking of contracts. Is Massengo’s contract up summer of 2023?
  6. I wouldn’t use the term luxury but more with a hint of sparkle to them but easily fizzes out.
  7. The Boro defending for Prestons 2nd was jaw dropping. Sunday league while hungover at its finest.
  8. Lee Johnson gets a 4. 5 at a push
  9. He isn’t in my view. Being built up as a future Liverpool Manager but based on what? At the moment, it would be a huge step down to go from Klopp to Gerrard
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