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  1. The summer we really needed a new defence. We went and got Davies and Baldock!
  2. Realised his error. Apologised. Lesson learned. Move on.
  3. Should give it to our players. Might be up for it a bit more and run around a bit more
  4. I do wonder if we brought in Simpson at the time as the Tanner deal wasn’t coming to fruition.
  5. Speaking of contracts. Is Massengo’s contract up summer of 2023?
  6. I wouldn’t use the term luxury but more with a hint of sparkle to them but easily fizzes out.
  7. The Boro defending for Prestons 2nd was jaw dropping. Sunday league while hungover at its finest.
  8. Lee Johnson gets a 4. 5 at a push
  9. He isn’t in my view. Being built up as a future Liverpool Manager but based on what? At the moment, it would be a huge step down to go from Klopp to Gerrard
  10. That’s my thinking. Can go straight from work or finish a bit early. Games could always be pushed back to 2000 or 2030 kickoff. I know it’s a bugger for away fans but it’s apples and oranges I guess. Gives people a free weekend then. I know a lot of people love a Saturday football game and the ritual of it all. But for me, it’s an entire day devoted to it. When I could be doing something more productive with my weekend. Especially after an extremely busy week of work. But as I said. This is just me and my viewpoint, being a bit selfish.
  11. The Coach


    Is this a situation we want NP to stay, but NP is highlighting he can't guarantee he can stay within his position due to his health?
  12. The Coach


    Which pub we drinking at?
  13. The Coach


    As Gould announces Pearson’s departure. This man kicks in the south stand door. With a mighty yell of “I’m ******* back lads, and so are the box entries”
  14. The Coach


    What about Ted Hastings? Can see his reaction after every Vyner **** up.
  15. The Coach


    We are pleased to announce former Carlisle United Manager Keith Millen has signed a 3 year deal to take over as Head Coach of Bristol City...
  16. The Coach


    Me just logged on to OTIB all confused...
  17. Brining in Lowe now would be history repeating itself with McInnes.
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