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  1. Why? Becuase I have a different opinion to you?
  2. What the **** is there to be constructive about? Pearson isn't the man for this job but id be happy to be proven wrong. I don't want and or need to be constructive as I don't think Pearson can or will improve
  3. And this is why Pearson will.put us back even more
  4. He's been here 10 months. In that time he hasn't won a home match that in itself should be enough to get a manager sacked let alone all the other mistakes he seems to make on a regular basis. But you know what we can all keep talking about restraints and multiple previous managers and former CEOs until the cows cows come home but at this moment this so called good manager is doing nothing to show a single shred of improvement
  5. Becuase he is awful at his job and is making the club worse. It's not spouting hot air it's a football forum. Are you saying no one can say they want a player / manager / employee out of the club without finding a cost effective and available replacement? So you think if this run continues we won't sack Pearson becuase we can't afford it?
  6. What is your obsession with me finding his replacement
  7. The same person that's payed off the many other mistakes he has hired
  8. Won't bother listening to his empty words.
  9. Anyone seen or heard from Jon lately? Or is he hiding in the Bahamas?
  10. Didn't he have money to that? We keep getting told we have none so why does anyone think he's going to be able to replicate something he's done once again?
  11. 0 shots in 45 minutes. Ashton and Johnson's fault
  12. Yeah. None of this is Pearson's fault. He's ******* brilliant
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