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  1. Think it says more about our full backs and midfielders that Pearson would rather have a cb take them
  2. It's not 2 games. It's the continuation of the shit from last year
  3. I wouldn't want him anywhere near the club when he goes
  4. I still don't get Massengo. Not good enough going forward, not good enough defensively, isn't quick, doesn't shoot, gives ball away constantly. As for today. It was what is was, could see that 3rd goal.comijg for 20 mins.
  5. Is this something he can recover from and play again?
  6. 3rd shirt will be announced first. Away shirt after which is apparently amazing
  7. tbf it is a pretty big thing if he has decided to go out there and promote the great country of Qatar whilst they have laws outlawing his sexuality.
  8. Sure you'll be following me around
  9. Gets annoyed someone doesn't like a t-shirt... Remembers who I am.... Checks posting history..... Yeah you are the odd ball. I don't like the kit. My feelings on how last season went are irrelevant to this. Ive got my season ticket for next year if it makes you feel any better
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