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  1. Totally agree. Think how hughton must feel if he applied knowing that someone else pipped him to the job with very little credentials against his cv
  2. Wow that’s dedication. Wonder what the minimum wage was then. Fair play
  3. Quiet amazed ur the first person to mention him. Thought he was amazing for us
  4. Apparently job for xavi Iv read
  5. Must say he looked the best player on the pitch and ran the game. Don’t often praise opposition players but the lad Ozzed class. What a snip at £1.5 million when u consider the money we’ve blown
  6. onlyotib


    Just wait til half time today for the big parade around the pitch
  7. Thanks for reminding me as Southend r my joint second supported club with West Ham
  8. Totally agree. We all knew that Wednesday r very strong in the midfield position so we should hav packed it out and eliasson would have given us that attacking edge
  9. As a club over the years we hav been so blessed with left backs
  10. Such a shame really. He’s massively improved and looked as tho he would be on the bench / fighting for the first team.
  11. Without trying to put the pressure on him. Like u said if he improves I think he could be our next Anthony knockaert
  12. Moving Bradley Orr from center mid to right back was a winner for me
  13. Totally agree. In the short time mercer played for us thought he was class. Would hav made a top keeper but was plagued with injury
  14. Gets better. I think it was young. Fish. Costa. Fortune
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