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  1. My god didn’t realise it was that long ago. That city side would give anyone nightmares
  2. I was trying to remember who our manager was off the top of my head when they knocked us out the league cup at Ashton gate. I’m guessing it was Sod and I’m sure it was the year they got promoted under di canio but can’t remember
  3. Didn’t something like this happen ages ago when di canio took over and he signed lots of players and they bounced straight back up? Will be a big ask this time though
  4. Yeah I agree with everything you say but when you consider the size of the club and location are they any bigger than us really.
  5. Portsmouth have been in the prem and won a fa cup. You could add Fulham to that aswel apart from fa cup
  6. It’s harsh to say gone slightly stale. I would be well happy if we plodded along mid table of the prem after the last few years
  7. If true I’m a bit disappointed by this. We definitely missed his creativity for most of the season and he’s not a player that get injured that often. I’m guessing if true we are just trying to save money on the higher wage players
  8. Don’t think we would actually manage a shot on target though
  9. I’m with you mate in basically the same scenario at 31. Keep you head high and keep battling away
  10. I think it’s a fantastic offer the chairman has made and has realised how valuable the supporters are given the fact spurs are going to charge £60 a ticket I read somewhere
  11. Ye I think they are taking the p**s. I mean is there a vote for winning a corner or someone returning from injury
  12. I actually think it’s quiet refreshing and a honest opinion hearing that from a opposition player. Normally they just sit on the fence and say I don’t want to talk about the other team etc
  13. Ha I was thinking this along the lines of when they broke in I wonder how long it took them to find the pitch as they’ve all probably never been there before
  14. onlyotib


    I understood. It’s been a long hard season for all us fans
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