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  1. I think they should sell stuff on here would be a great idea. I bet it would be easier to deal with on here and more useful than the city shop with items in stock aswell etc.
  2. I think you have to remember that almost every player on that list was free so let’s face it we are never going to pick up a good quality championship 24 year old that costs nothing
  3. My first thought was he is a ex nailsea copper. Can’t think of the name tho. Might be watts
  4. Why is there so many Wednesday nights game. Why not Tuesdays like normal
  5. Just noticed he’s joined Carlisle on a 2 year deal. How the mighty have fallen. I think in himself not joining us has probably destroyed his career after what he said about us
  6. I havnt listened to it and I was born after 1981 but I can probably guarantee you it was better in the 80s. The money wasn’t around to flash about. More old school tackles. Better atmosphere inside stadiums and more local players. Iv probably missed out on so much more
  7. I agree. Reminds me of disco sticks in the rave days
  8. Fantastic does that mean I still get to vote for my moment of the month when we don’t have a shot on target and loose every week
  9. My god didn’t realise it was that long ago. That city side would give anyone nightmares
  10. I was trying to remember who our manager was off the top of my head when they knocked us out the league cup at Ashton gate. I’m guessing it was Sod and I’m sure it was the year they got promoted under di canio but can’t remember
  11. Didn’t something like this happen ages ago when di canio took over and he signed lots of players and they bounced straight back up? Will be a big ask this time though
  12. Yeah I agree with everything you say but when you consider the size of the club and location are they any bigger than us really.
  13. Portsmouth have been in the prem and won a fa cup. You could add Fulham to that aswel apart from fa cup
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