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  1. I really like the idea of point 4. However what has happened to cam pring. He’s seemed to vanish?
  2. In a nut shell he got subbed on and lasted 5 mins before being subbed off. Offered the usual very little in that time
  3. I think if O’Dowda hit the target at 0-0 the game would have changed in our favour
  4. agreed and especially when you see the West Ham one that wasn’t given after the player was kicked over. VAR is totally pointless
  5. My god we do like to blow money
  6. Let’s face it has he really ever backed us in January
  7. In my opinion tonight was the night they both become men
  8. That’s because it’s just become the norm
  9. Panda pops it will b for me if we finally win at home
  10. Totally agree and he’s still robbing a living but I’m sure we will all see a video on Instagram tomorrow of him doing something world class for 5 seconds to put him on the bench for next week but we will all never see him actually produce it In a match. Please get rid ASAP
  11. Well said. He could have gone with stability but chose 2 players that were a huge gamble and nobody knows how they are going to turn up. Nice to see O’Dowda still robbing a living though incase people forgot
  12. On the back of tonight’s performance wouldn’t be surprised if they hammered us 6
  13. onlyotib


    Ur joking arnt u. Apart from the goal did we even manage a shot on target. Nobody even on half way line defending corners. No striker on the pitch late on. What Hav I missed. Would have been robbery to get a point. Forest were far better
  14. Would be pointless as Swindon wouldn’t be able to afford it
  15. Wow. I thought it was a nice touch. Would be happy seeing our players doing that to one of our fans if we scored
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