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  1. Cus he ain't got a brain to work it out.
  2. Totally agree. Headless chicken. The complete opposite of Grealish. No wonder the latter was cursing when he sat down.
  3. Taking Grealish off and leaving Sterling on is a joke. Southgate out.
  4. Why are we not calming it down with several subs. Bring on Palmer, then a couple of minutes and bring on Bell to use his useful energy.
  5. Doesn't stop Martin being selected.
  6. Bad idea. Spillage, interruptions during game to get refills plus loo visits. Will cause aggro amongst fans. Get drinks before the game, at half time and at the end.
  7. So who would win a 50 yard dash. Martin or Britton.
  8. Ok so you can't play unless your quick. What about Flint,Tomlin, Pack or even Kieffer Moore, all of Cardiff. Can't be slower than any of them. Even Pogba of Man U isnt quick. City would need to play to his strengths ie get the ball to him in the box. Give the guy 15 mins at the end of a couple of games then extend it. He'll get there.
  9. Totally agree with your comment about the expected fitness levels he can attain. But as against promoted Brentford at the end of last season, he can definately be an impact sub. When he came on he flattened a defender and gi8t into the box to do a tap in goal. He also got the crowd going and lifted his team mates. He's more a player who does his best work in the box.
  10. Kinda like Baker at the back as well. Gives us height at the back plus a threat at corners and free kicks when attacking. Would also have Scott on the right and include Weiman where Scott was. Should be good.
  11. His throws are ok but he and others need to mix it a bit. When he throws, those he's aiming towards need to make sure they can get on the end of it. On Saturday a number of throws were not long enough. So our forwards need to get forward to meet the ball. Also Kalas can also aim slightly towards the penalty spot to create a different angle. Just mix it.
  12. Annoying that Southgate hardly played Grealish in the finals even though he was obviously our main threat, but now he starts and again sets up 2 goals and is brilliant. Euros have gone but Southgate missed a really good chance to win it. Lets hope he learned from it.
  13. Anyone know why Wells was kept on the pitch to the end for 4 goals when Britton was on the bench and needing minutes on the pitch?
  14. 3? Palmer, Wells, Bakinson, O'Leary, Williams.
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