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  1. So why are a few on here saying to loan him out. Give him a few weeks off then back early and let the coaches work on him and get him ready for the new season with the first team.
  2. This lad has potential. He's not worried about the Brentfords and played his own game ie get stuck in, shake em up a bit, go for goals. When his season ends, give him some weeks off to recover but get him back early for the 2 x exEngland coaches to work on him. That's his speed, his positional play and skill st putting the ball in the net. Should be ready for the new season then.
  3. Also his reputation will attract quality players that the likes of Johnson and Holden couldn't.
  4. Surely Diedhiou has to go off and bring on someone who has pace and control to run his balls off and pressure their defence as much as poss..
  5. The thing with Britton is that he comes to life when he's in the penalty area. Give him the ball and he'll try for a goal. Good with both feet and useful in the air. Hence the fact that he scores so many goals. But theory is good to a point. The only way to find out if he can do well in the first team is to put him in the team. I think he will do well.
  6. He's getting ready for the first team where scoring is not allowed.
  7. Get Pearson signed for 3 years; announce some top teams for preseason friendlies at AG plus usual crap; announce that NP has money to spend on 2 strikers, a tall, dominating cb and a decent right back; announce NP is getting his own coaching team. Season tickets will be bought no problem.
  8. Give Pearson the job, announce some quality preseason friendlies and sign some decent players early and the season ticket sales will be good. Easy ain't it?
  9. Walsh is a good player. Can pick and execute a pass. Looks to go forward, has a quick brain and some pace. Weiman is an energetic, enthusiastic player who I think needs to play behind the front two where he can support those two and then work his balls off to get back in defence.
  10. As someone said City should have closed that freekick down. Asleep. So out go Hunt, Lansbury for frees. Out goes Senenyo for whatever we can get. Bye bye Diedhiou as before. Wells can do one. Palmer out for a couple of bob if poss.. Mariappa can go. Easier to say keep Bentley, Kalas and Massengo from today.
  11. Maguire may look clumsy at times but he's very effective. Doesn't give any ground and reads the game well. Best player we have at the moment. Also a great threat in the opponents pen area.
  12. The problem with today's game was lack of movement forward. We got the ball in our half, moved it into their half and then turned around and played it back. Did this so many times. Needed Sterling and Foden etc to go long not incessantly short. Albania were organised but toothless.
  13. Could be. He has the physical frame to be good but just doesn't use it right. Typical Diedhiou was on Saturday, he was in their pen area. The ball was played along the ground to him. He didn't control the simple pass and let it bounce away. Potential goal lost again.
  14. IF he could control tge f....g ball and if he could f....g close down defenders more and if he could shoot straight.
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