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  1. Get somebody to nick um quick.
  2. "Going with"...Any f.....g where you like with those two.
  3. Doesn't she mean a nightmare.
  4. Doesn't look as though anyone is getting the f....g job.
  5. Thought the powers that be were hinting at a fans return in September. May have dreamt that when I saw City getting promoted this time next year.
  6. Eliason could stay if the new manager likes him and sells his style to the player.
  7. He'll be announced by this weekend and then the club should push Season Card sales which one would think would sell very quickly.
  8. Bugger off. We talk about soccer only.

    City v PNE

    Possibly playing in front of the new manager and trying to impress plus playing for a new contract etc..
  10. But after a dreadful restart when we lost 4 in a row, we are now 3 unbeaten. The defeats killed us but at least we have recovered and I suppose can look forward to next season with a new manager.
  11. So if they were innocent,why did they not cooperate?
  12. Whatever happens, we have to support our club. Just think of the buzz walking to the ground, the expectation of seeing a fast and exciting win. A couple of drinks before the game and a hot pasty or pie (dont worry about the sh-ts later) and then that walk to your seat, the noise the hilarious comments you hear along the way and then your inside and there they are, our team. F--k another crappy game. But wait Stevie Gerrard is there having brought that **** with him who gets sent off but scores loads but takes a dislike to Walsh for some reason. Will he strip off and show Smithy how its done.
  13. I'll crock 3 if you take care of the other 2.
  14. Perhaps Walsh can get in at some stage to provide some much needed skill and drive.
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