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  1. Scott touched the ball more times in the first 10 minutes than Palmer did the first half, almost. Scott wasn't fazed by playing the big boys and even saw him laughing at one point. Biggest concern will be not over playing him. So impressed by him in the 2nd half when he chased after one of their players from the half way line and got in a low block tackle not far from the corner flag. He's your player that will put bums on seats. Superb.
  2. Trouble was he's a right footed player trying to cross with his left foot.
  3. Scott. Very good player.
  4. Ive taken a liking to Pring in a footballing sense.
  5. Palmer is to inconsistent. Put Scott just behind Wells. Superb footballer.
  6. The only change I would make would be Atkinson instead of Baker. After thought - possibly Pring for DaSilva.
  7. Why not? Covid?
  8. Good team but I'd leave out the slow Martin and fit Massengo into a midfield 4 leaving Palmer to bomb forward to support Wells.
  9. Apart from his poor passing.

    robins tv

    Understand that but at least you can see the game and new players. Then ask the club for a refund.

    robins tv

  12. Took off Walker and Henderson with over 100 caps of experience and let two young, only just come on the pitch lads with about 30 caps with Rashford not fully fit plus a 19 year old lad take the responsibility.That was a c..k up as was his to lste subs. Grealish has since said he was willing to take a pen.
  13. Yep, but had time on the pitch to get warmed up and a feel for the ball.
  14. Gormless Southgate. Why both subs taking pens after each other. Wheres Grealish? Saka crap at pens.
  15. Southgate expecting 2 players to take penalties with hardly any pitch time. ****.
  16. Only mistake Southgate made. Grealish makes things happen. He holds the ball tight and defenders can't get it. They get frustrated and foul him. He has the ability to get past players and can cross with both feet. He's also upped his work rate. Creates more than Sterling who tends to run into dead ends. Yes I know he has scored but Grealish sets them up for Kane. Should start games.
  17. So why are a few on here saying to loan him out. Give him a few weeks off then back early and let the coaches work on him and get him ready for the new season with the first team.
  18. This lad has potential. He's not worried about the Brentfords and played his own game ie get stuck in, shake em up a bit, go for goals. When his season ends, give him some weeks off to recover but get him back early for the 2 x exEngland coaches to work on him. That's his speed, his positional play and skill st putting the ball in the net. Should be ready for the new season then.
  19. Also his reputation will attract quality players that the likes of Johnson and Holden couldn't.
  20. Surely Diedhiou has to go off and bring on someone who has pace and control to run his balls off and pressure their defence as much as poss..
  21. The thing with Britton is that he comes to life when he's in the penalty area. Give him the ball and he'll try for a goal. Good with both feet and useful in the air. Hence the fact that he scores so many goals. But theory is good to a point. The only way to find out if he can do well in the first team is to put him in the team. I think he will do well.
  22. He's getting ready for the first team where scoring is not allowed.
  23. Get Pearson signed for 3 years; announce some top teams for preseason friendlies at AG plus usual crap; announce that NP has money to spend on 2 strikers, a tall, dominating cb and a decent right back; announce NP is getting his own coaching team. Season tickets will be bought no problem.
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