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  1. I thought I would raise my head now :laugh: I would like to add it was from a chip shop. even my metal fork bent trying to ge through the pastry!
  2. Are Clark’s pies absolutely w@%$ , I’m sorry but a few people rave about them but they are as tough a Gandhi’s flip flop and dry as a nuns “you know what” what is the appeal. if you get a good one it’s still like eating weston sea front!
  3. What planet do you live on!!!! Trading standards would not get involved because an accident happened with the wrong product being given out lmfao!!! The point i am making was that I wouldn’t expect Clark’s pie to give out a wrong product because they only serve one Clark’s pie and not being rushed generally will prevent mistakes! I’ll leave you to get on the blower to trading standards hahaha!
  4. Can’t really get it wrong to be fair, only offer one Clark’s pie! probably also haven’t got pressure of serving fast with thousands of fans which Ashton gate have.
  5. Can tell we ain’t on a loosing streak , got nothing better to post about. clarks pies are terrible , pay cheap get cheap tasting product.
  6. Would it be taking clubs into consideration? A lot of clubs only do bottles at £3.60-£4.10 and that’s only a half, just a thought
  7. I know staff which work there and know for a fact they are paying £150+ a keg including vat
  8. Last season heineken was £4.80 and thatchers was £4.40.
  9. Just to add to the thread guys. This is back for the 3rd year, Raising money for the Bristol Children's Hospital. We have raised over £8,500 in two years so very sure we can smash the £10,000 mark this year. The main Event is free to attend this year. i have also added a fans Qualifying event this year which gives the average player a better chance to qualify for the main event. We won in 2016 Bristol rovers 2017
  10. Is this for real!!!!!!! They are snooker players not dart players!!!
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