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  1. It could be anything I know my old man and a few of his mates were toying with the idea, but now the numbers of infected per day are lowering consecutively they are now edging towards going. I suspect many cant wait to go to bring back some normality whilst many are on holiday still. Tough predication to make but I reckon around 16 / 17k will be the official attendance with maybe 14k / 15k actually there.
  2. All looking good so far I just hope it doesn't mirror the season we beat man utd where we fatigued towards the end of the season.
  3. His teammates looked a bit frustrated with some of his decisions but yeah thought he looked lively so far.
  4. Nope and lost the ball instantly when it buffered for me.
  5. Not sweeping at all is it really. I said I find wherever they are they ruin it for everyone. So in MY experience yes. I am allowed my opinion as yours about local people using 'them as cover.
  6. Does it ? Any examples? I find wherever they are they ruin everything for everyone.
  7. Its so funny how they lap up anything they release, no matter how cringeworthy.
  8. Would rather we highlight any weaknesses now even if it is a pre season game. We were lucky to not be in league 1 this season so not going to be a quick fix by any means anyway.
  9. I know the thread is about Cindy but was it just me or did Massengo look a lot muscular than previously?
  10. Well i doubt we can get charged for booing. There would be some serious repercussions for Scotland if so.
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