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  1. Had a look at the Nigel Pearson thread on Leicester City forum that made me giggle , so thought I would share. They worship him over there bar a small minority. https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/123374-nigel-pearson-here-and-now/page/19/#comments Heres a couple of screenshots:
  2. One of my mates came up with a similar idea. Keeping both boxes for spacial awareness but essentially any foul inside the box for thr attacking side can be placed anywhere within the 'D'.
  3. These stats makes Weimanns goals tally, including all of our forwards look even more impressive!
  4. Geeze they must be fuming but I see they managed a penalty at least.
  5. Didn't he admit tp throwing a hot drink at SL too ? Absolute bell end.
  6. Fair point mate. I agree that Sykes was a red and can understand why the officials would reach that decision based on the time and tools they have. I also agree with Nige that the reaction warranted a red card, which was a similar scenario that occured at Wigan on the weekend. The stats however don't lie with regards to penalties at least and it has not evened itself out whatsoever the last couple of seasons.
  7. Yes I remember it all clearly. My question was was there not an infringement or foul which, led to the flag going up and the referee momentarily distracted ?
  8. I used to agree with the whole "It evens itself out". But feel the last few seasons it feels like it hasn't: For penalties awarded we have been joint bottom in the league for 20/21 and 21/22 seasons. For penalties awarded 18/19 and 19/20 we were joint second bottom. Its worth noting that as well as being bottom for penalties received last season, we were also joint top for Penalties awarded against with fellow strugglers Birmingham. So a really dire seasom for us last season decision wise.
  9. Yes I was sat in Williams on the day but was sure a flag went up to signal something that happened beforehand.
  10. Simon Jordan has a dislike for the club so this doesn't surprise me and wasn't there a foul or an infringement for the Sears goal? I am sure I remember a flag going up?
  11. High boot against Brentford first game back? Fans really gave it to the ref that game.
  12. Luton manager said we outfought them in every aspect of the game. I think that tells you something. We could easily say Hull were lucky and Sunderland were fortunate we gifted them 2 goals. We dominated an entire game of football and controlled it even with 10 men. Its all positive tonight.
  13. Cracking performance tonight and great charachter to control the game with 10 men.
  14. Was it not said on RB last night that we have been given 8 penalties in 4 seasons?
  15. No and I could imagine Pearson saying similar if asked the same question.
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