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  1. Thing is we should have gone down last season mate and no other manager could do better without spending loads.
  2. This is going to be a hammering. Scoreline hasnt reflected it so far.
  3. Jesus mate hes got a head injury **** me haha
  4. Well we been laughing at them for 20 years the non leaguers.
  5. Yeah been watching boro look far better. Boro physically dominant with Bamba , Crooks , Ikpeazu and Sporar. Should be 3 or 4 if Ikpeazu wasnt so selfish. Cardiff fans booing alot haha.
  6. Been sent a few memes which i thought were pretty funny so wanted to share. Apologies if already seen:
  7. He confirmed this himself a few times in the weeks following his appointment.
  8. Watford were relegation fodder in the prem at the time and did he not get them out of relegation zone only to be sacked?
  9. Strange that under LJ we beat our losing records twice too. Do other teams do this in the champ or are we the most inconsistent.
  10. Oh yes tonights result is of course. But in response to blaming Pearson for not having assembled a better squad is harsh.
  11. Yes but they dont have the budget to work with that LJ or even Holden had. In order to have a tough team we need tough players and we dont have enough of them thanks to previous regimes.
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