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  1. Would love our Purple and Lime kit to be a permanent away kit.
  2. Just like his striker against Cardiff? 1 of 4 in the league. He can copy Weimanm more IMO
  3. Used to like Brighton but seem to have a bit of a complex about them, which us only natural I suppose given your last several seasons. I remember reading your forum and you lot were slating our away attendance of 1400 (2500 in gas currency) for our last game of the season when you got promoted. Im pretty sure your average in your promotion season was on a hundred or so more than that. Funny what we remember eh. I dont mind other clubs fans coming on here......we won't ban you thats for sure.....
  4. His ball to massengo for this first goal was pretty impressive from where I was stood. Looked perfectly weighted into him. Against a decent side I dont think he looked out of place at all really.
  5. Yeah no idea was pretty spangled last night for the first time on a while haha.
  6. Both us and QPR are unbeaten at home and they have only won one at home. Still too early on to see who we should and shouldn't beat but I would be chuffed with even a point here. Think people are expecting Vyner to be out the side and be interesting to see if we get Tanner playing against perhaps our strongest test so far.
  7. I think there would be a rush to do it in all honesty. If we did fans would know we would never get a chance to do it again. I would try my hardest to go but flights can be very expensive.
  8. Yes but for him to give that reaction it obviously got in his head. Don't think anyone cares really do they. Pretty sure they all cried when Zak Vyner celebrated for Plymouth in front of their fans.
  9. Really? I thought they sold out the upper and were selling lower now.
  10. Nathan Jones reaction last night: We gave one silly free-kick away and they punished us and they can do that because they score 65 per cent of their goals from set-plays. A big thing for me tonight was we were the only side with any flow, every time they had a set play or a throw-in, it takes them a minute to get the ball, then a minute to clean it so it was about playing off second balls. “We had to create the tempo as the away side and I was really proud that we did that tonight because it should have been three or four at half-time, we should have been out of sight. I don’t mean to be disrespectful because Bristol City are a good side, manager is excellent but tonight we should have been out of sight. “They scored with their only chance and I’m so pleased that we showed character once again to come back and score late. The game changers all contributed, Elijah, Carlos crosses is and Danny scores it." Did it really take a minute to get the ball then a minute to wipe it ? Should it have been 4 0 at half time? Bit of an exaggeration there to me as always.
  11. Better get in quick mate still some available i believe !
  12. Yep and the Bears don't go 15 or whatever without winning at home.
  13. So we would have gone down last season if it went on for a few more games. NP managed to steady the ship whether you like it or not. He is also in charge now whether you like it or not. Performances on the pitch this season have been far better than last season or have you forgot already? Championship is and has been for a while a game of small margins and a bit of luck unless you pay your way out with parachute payments or moneyballing or whatever. We need to realise that we might not be a playoff contender for a couple more seasons. We aren't a club that will throw money at it and I dont think we will see another Manager/Coach get the same budget LJ did. We don't have a given right to be fighting at the top end, we did that for a 2 / 3 seasons and we couldn't sustain it. Now we have to start again and the positives are; we have a young decent crop of players coming through, we got rid of a lot of dead weight and reduced the wage bill a fair amount. We are seven games in and only two defeats and in those two defeats we were by no means poor. Let's not overreact to every single defeat or draw we get to teams we deem worse than us.
  14. Add to that covid and inflation.
  15. Wow didn't expect this meltdown. Had we have hung on a minute more there would have been threads for various players saying how they deserved their own thread tonight because.... Its not great but its better than last season. It is worrying knowing we have Bournemouth and Fulham at home next couple of games but we could surprise ourselves. Anyone saying that NP is not the man for the job needs their head shook.
  16. So whats Britton got then just 12ish months left on his contract? Should be enough time to improve his fitness....Really hope it works for him here.
  17. Stewards do this all the time. They pick people they don't think would question them back. A dozen rowdy blokes wouldn't get the same treatment.
  18. He was my first choice too second was Cook. I think that forest job is a one of the toughest in the league. Big expectations from fans and supposedly spend quite big too.
  19. Think nyatanga admitted publicly after he retired he didn't like football haha.
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