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  1. Jeez, now you’ve started something - our greatest keeper ever? My favourite was Mike “Gibbo” Gibson, and always the 1-2-3-4 steps and jump up to touch the bar at the start of every game, marvellous. Also wonder goal scorer Ray Cashley who knocks on my door every couple of months representing W-S-M football club fund-raising, great banter when I ask him what it was like, haha!
  2. Dave Barton, City media manager, reported to be in total meltdown and gone off on sick leave!
  3. It shows that they had the vision and ambition to get to the very top of an elite sport. We know that this is smaller scale financially, but what an achievement. Now please can we have the same vision and ambition for the football club, because the infrastructure (asset base) is in place, and it’s time to move forward.
  4. This was in response to the point that it costs a lot of money to get to the top of the tree in football - that others (your regular clubs historically at our level) have managed it. What nobody on here seems to want to see is that, for the football side of Bristol Sport, there has to be a really good business case for Premier League football, with decent returns. But if they don’t want to eat at the big table then let’s all just sigh, shrug our shoulders and have a pop at anybody who dares to suggest that it ought to be possible for us. I just find it frustrating year after year like most of our fans.
  5. OK, fair point - but I can name a large proportion of, eg the Championship, who seem to have managed it - Bournemouth, Reading, Norwich, Cardiff ... and many more, it’s not an impressive list really is it? Just embarrassing.
  6. Bristol Bears trampled Bath tonight and remain on course for the Premiership title and potentially top English club slot in Europe, or top club, who knows? How did this happen? The football club has been out of the top level for decades. Maybe the egg chasers recruited a top international rugby manager for starters, and subsequently also recruited or developed the right blend of players. Alright, I’ve only been supporting my beloved football club since the 60’s so what do I know? Seems we’re always destined to be the “nearly men” of the football league, but when, under the current ownership, do we finally, actually, get some serious, high profile, business attention and priority?
  7. Well explained, and I’m sorry but this is a term that I (and many others) used to castigate our old Dads for using back in the 70’s!
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