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  1. Wellies on a construction site are a health and safety failure. If you trip or fall and injure your ankle there is no way of removing the footwear without doing more damage
  2. I bet Mark Ashton sends out emails that end with a request for thoughts
  3. How can you secure a loan against an asset you no longer own? Might venture into Barclays tomorrow and see if they will loan me £30m secured against Buckingham Palace.
  4. The three stooges Del, Rodney and Grandad Trotter (and later Uncle Albert) Le Mans 24hr teams have 3 drivers
  5. Strong humans? WT actual F?
  6. Outstanding humans? WTF?
  7. Good luck Dean, but some sections of the support are already revolting
  8. Doesn’t preseason start this week. If so coaching positions, new kit, the obligatory return to Failand photos all to be announced. When are fixtures released?
  9. Now trying to stop thinking what compliments condoms would give...
  10. Maybe there is no pay rise and that’s why he needs the weekend to consider the offer. J Mac binned off to save more money and we go forward with only one coach
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