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  1. The model works if you develop the young players. That requires competitive football because there is only so much development that you can achieve on the training ground. After we sold Webster we brought in too many young players, far more than we could develop on the pitch and as a result the model failed. Hopefully with Scott, Atkinson and Tanner, and to some degree COD we are now resetting our approach and giving them league minutes. If we sell players in Jan or next summer we have the likes of Benarous to come in to the first team.
  2. Alternative take is he does well when given time
  3. If that gillet were lucky….
  4. My conclusion was based on your assessment work Dave. There are definitely challenging times ahead, for the club to communicate those financial constraints and supporters to be understanding when it appears we are selling off our best players. If there are permitted covid exceptions, other clubs will also benefit from them so it doesn’t help us much by comparison.
  5. The worrying thing is we may already be in breach of FFP once the 18/19 profit falls outside the three year period, and we may need to sell some assets such as Bentley or Massengo and not be able to replace them. Meanwhile Kalas is showing off his new Lamborghini Urus.
  6. A cynic would suggest the authorities wanted to protect prem teams during covid but also to ensure Sarries could get back in. There are 13 teams in the prem this season as a result.
  7. Just saw the trailer for Scream 5, which looks a throwback
  8. Maybe they should take all the icebergs out of the ocean too, or melt them
  9. Not many positives so far this season. We look well off where we were. At least there’s no relegation
  10. https://www.ccfc.co.uk/fans/travel/
  11. Good luck with that. Not many trains stop there. There used to be a shuttle bus from Cov station to the ground on match days which worked well. Not sure if it is back up and running post covid.
  12. Unusually concise. You alright Dave?
  13. Fury and Usyk are both talented and skilful boxers. I would like to see a unification bout. AJ is an advertising hoarding by comparison
  14. Keep up the good work @shahanshahan. Some of us appreciate your enthusiasm and personally I think it is important to foster a ‘one club’ culture.
  15. Might be the first time the bottom of the table manager has been nominated
  16. Graphs? @Davefevsis going to be all over this
  17. 2-1 win in tricky weather conditions
  18. Ah, the Matt Smith tactic. Cunning.
  19. This team literally don’t know where the opposition goal is
  20. If Bakinson, Palmer and O’Dowda in midfield is the answer, what the **** was the question?
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