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  1. Pointless comparison, unless you think we acted too quickly to sack Brian Tinnion
  2. Lots of supply problems. Well done City for getting our kits on sale. We often (rightly) criticise the club over kit sales but the club deserves credit for getting this right where others have failed their fans
  3. Stoke just signed Gayle and O’Shea so can’t be struggling too much with FFP
  4. The ducks have been barred. Didn’t pay for their bills.
  5. It’s elasticity, not plasticity
  6. It’s an uncharacteristic sensible transfer move by Man Utd, though
  7. I’m not sure that’s the best form of sign off
  8. Player/coach role confirmed
  9. Why would you run towards adversity? I could understand running towards opportunity but adversity is to be avoided or managed, not sought.
  10. Hungary illustrating the benefit of employing a top level coach
  11. More chance of Boris resigning
  12. Can we have a new tannoy system?
  13. Bold choice of Eddie Redmayne on the bench alongside Eddie Irvine
  14. No but it is the same Wright that used to play for us and Davidson used to be our chairman.
  15. Hearts of Oak were always my favourite career team in Sensible World of Soccer
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