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  1. £30million, take it or leave it
  2. Printer needs to be refilled with ink and paper, and those envelopes don’t lick themselves
  3. https://youtu.be/dMG30Mt0tPU
  4. In fairness, some Men's football can be deadly dull as well. See Bristol City for most of last season, for example.
  5. The embargo does allow them to make signings but limits apply to contract lengths and fees that can be paid. They can put a team together but it will be weaker under the embargo. Sounds fair to me given their past behaviour that caused the embargo to be imposed.
  6. What train is everyone getting Flying to Middlesbrough? What train is everyone getting Flying to Middlesbrough? This thread’s a classic in the making
  7. Kick off, 1 min, FFS Name your threads properly
  8. The IOC is based in France, while the traditional choice would be Greece and Europe is the best placed time zone to cater to the most viewers. They could sell it to the highest bidder but I suspect USA is the most likely destination if they did this. All speculation of course!
  9. It would mean the end of building white elephants for the Olympics but I wonder which country they would choose.
  10. Too negative and too slow to adapt during the match. Once Mancini figured us out after 30 mins, Italy were the better side
  11. Yet again, it feels like we lost it rather than the opposition winning it
  12. Saving Grealish and Sterling for sudden death pens. Southgate’s tactics in a nutshell
  13. Youngsters not up to penalty pressure
  14. So disappointing that we haven’t run at their 34 and 36 year old defenders enough
  15. Where’s Korey Smith when you need him
  16. Tactically he’s on a different level to most managers
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