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  1. Can someone post a link please. I've cracked my phone screen and the top half of my phone doesn't work ahhhh. Many thanks.
  2. Really sad news, he always gave 100% all the best JP.
  3. I'm pretty sure TC dropped John Shaw who was either injured or lacking form? John soon came back. I think Keith Waugh came in soon after. Now he wasn't yo shabby.
  4. Must of been mid-80's? He was bloody awful, one game to many.
  5. We had a bloke on loan by the name of Ian Leigh. He was bad.
  6. Elruliri


    I'm not convinced by this interview at all. It was a bit like watching a dog chasing it's tail. NP is on his way imo. All very wishy washy.
  7. Fantastic, I'm glad he enjoyed It. I was the same age when my late grandad first took me to the Gate. We've had ups and downs, more downs but BCFC is in my blood. I hope he sees us in the Premier league one day. I've been waiting 39 years. Otib.
  8. Blimey what a quote to make, they have form for it though. I can remember Phil Bater saying something something like a player had " a touch like a rapist." Good god what a thing to say.
  9. I worked with a girl who turned down Nicky Morgan's advances. I think I did what you would call a Rudolf!
  10. I've given up radio brizzle it is.what a cock up.
  11. I hope Nige soon recovers, I've had covid and been double jabbed. I've had the flu twice in my life and had to crawl to the toilet I was that weak. Covid was like a heavy cold,thankfully. Anyway I hope he's back asap.
  12. Get well soon Big Nige. You beat it once you can do it again.
  13. I think he could do a job up front he's technically probably our best player. I think if he was coached he could well do a job he's got the attributes to be a forward. Quick, strong and I think he could be quite good in the air. The only question I would ask will he put his head in where it hurts?
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