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  1. Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
  2. He was only here for a season but what a great centre half he was. He could head a ball further than most players could kick it. A really classy defender who I wish we kept longer, he was a great servant for York and Sunderland.
  3. A bit of a come down, Sunderland to forest Green rovers that's like Bristol Manor Farm to gas!
  4. So when was the last time they were above us? Asking for a friend on Monday morning lols.
  5. Please don't I was just getting over Howard Pritchard's inadequate replacement!
  6. I always remember Joe Jordan on I think "flashback for the fans" that he always aimed for the keepers feet. It makes sense if you think about it.
  7. No parent should go through losing a child., my first child was born after not having a heartbeat for 19 minutes, she suffered brain damage and organ damage because of the lack of oxygen. Fortunately she was premature and the brain and organs revitalising. They tried drugs never used before to keep her going and have now been revolutionary. To be told that your baby has a 1-24 hours is the most horrible feeling I've ever experienced. Fortunately she's 16 in November and fine and on a football note we got a draw against Swansea away that weekend.
  8. Didn't they win 1-0, we were up there for a promotion place at the time if I remember correctly.
  9. I remember that game 3-1? To Swansea. They also had Tommy Hutchinson on the left wing he was about 42. He ran Andy Lou ragged.
  10. He was a cracking player for us, JJ took a gamble on him when he couldn't get a club and boy it worked out. I remember him saying during the league Cup run that Franz Carr was so fast he caught greyhounds for a living. What a character.
  11. Bloody hell he hit that better than Van Basten. Fair play that is a great finish.
  12. He was a cracking player RIP Joey and condolences to your family.
  13. I was really impressed with him and Callum Morton from the clips, the goalie didn't look bad either. I would imagine the rest are out of our reach apart from the the Wimbledon kid.
  14. And he wouldn't put up with that defending on Tuesday night, He'd of headed near the half way line.
  15. £7k! Bloody hell I could do his job for that and I'm left footed and 48 in three weeks.
  16. I'm positive for the future with the young lads coming through, if we can build a team around them I think we'll be ok. Also as of yet the car is parked on the drive with no chicken bones on the windscreen. Happy New year to one and all. Otib.
  17. The Eagle has landed, I mean chicken.
  18. Boom Boom it was Jamie McCombe.
  19. So it literally was Chicken Tonight.
  20. I noticed Hirerite on the boards aswell. I can't quite make the shirts out but looks like the bukta kit with the Hirerite white band.
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