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  1. Agreed. It was like a fiat punto racing a Porsche..... Outclassed, out manoeuvred and outplayed. I was content with the score line....immensely annoyed with the performance. But......what's done is done.
  2. I think we all expected thr result buddy....it was the manner of the defeat and the way we didn't play that has my face tripping me.... Incandescent doesn't even touch it.
  3. It's starting to get boring going to AG to watch lacklustre 'professionals' not engage or play. Feel quite far away from the team at the moment. My son (15) said he probably won't ask me to renew his ST next year. "Too predictable"
  4. I don't mind losing games....if we play well and lose.......not concede through lack of investment
  5. Stop the drugs now mate.....slippery slope there... .
  6. Need to start playing into the game....stop hoofing the ball up front....route 1 isn't working. Play out from the back and get some ball time. Desperately need a creative player in the centre and start asking questions. We are beating ourselves at the minute.....time to start consider playing THEM!
  7. Lacklustre, uninterested performance. The result was already decided before the whistle was blown.
  8. Sitting deep, stepping off players when being attacked.....looks like the worst parts of Holden's tenure. Changes needed at half time.
  9. We aren't winning any thing....no second balls.....standing too far off them when they attack.....matter of time.
  10. Bakinson was well below par today. Too much tarting about in the box....need to start hitting it after the first or second touch. We backed off toward the end and never had any momentum after their goal. 2.5hrs home now.
  11. We seemingly have lost the ability to string some play together.
  12. Almost there now....at London Bridge about to depart for South Bermondsey....fancy a cheeky 1-2 win.....winner snatched in injury time...
  13. Need a ticket for my daughter...can you PM me?
  14. Great crunching tackle! A player that definately has balls bigger than tic tacs
  15. I think that we were terrible in parts but also had some good spells of play. The most important characteristic being displayed by this team at present is resilience. It refuses to lay down and be walked over....we carved out a few opportunities and manage to take a point. To say this was a failure is a little strong. We are demonstrating good spirit and fight with the players we have at our disposal. Credit where credit is due - we had a point - cost them 2 - all in all, a good day. #pragmatisim
  16. Simply put - better scouting. Brentford managed it.
  17. Or two points closer....dependent on your world view
  18. On a positive..... Massengo had a few class touches( and one hell of a hit) and Jay's perfectly weighted ball was a beautiful moment......
  19. Thanks Lee....how did Sunderland get on today?
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