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  1. Two points of whatever the **** you're drink for me bud. I've got more chance of dating Cheryl Cole...and I'm 4 stone over weight and look like I've been hit it the face with a spade.
  2. Walker played two crap balls... Great control by Foden
  3. And a return to absorbing pressure......whats the worst that could happen....
  4. And without the toe of their boots being shaped like a 50p piece...in short a better first touch....
  5. Some good pressing play....just nothing clinical in the final third. Hitting the wood work twice aside.
  6. Relatively new Supporter here. 2013 - started supporting when I moves from London to Wiltshire. I was 37 Bought my first season ticket in 2015.
  7. 1 pint 20 stone 20 pints Sharon Stone
  8. I wish my wife looked like Cheryl Cole.....I think you can spot a correlation there
  9. Brentford score a lot of goals.....I fail to see the correlation.
  10. Or they've had it too easy for too long.....don't care about happy....job needs doing....get it done.
  11. We're that bad at shooting we can't even score in error....
  12. Rather underwhelming season finale....Buckells was not who I expected H to be......wanted a plot twist that would have left me astounded and got.......well, an underwhelming (but plausible) ending. Not sure what witnesses protection would stretch to that house though
  13. Be careful what you wish for Nige.....it wouldn't take much to turn AG into a tinder box of emotion after so long away. I renewed 2 weeks ago....looking forward to seeing live football.....and (hopefully) see a marked improvement in our performance. #glasshalffull COYRs!!!!!
  14. Massengo and Bentley. Rest....not too bothered.
  15. The new Badge has bought us plenty of luck....2 managers down since its inception and a drop to 20th in the league..... It's clearly all related.....change it back or the sky will fall down.
  16. MelksRed


    Agreed...one that isn't as leaky as my kitchen sieve!
  17. 2017......different squad......straw man fallacy...
  18. These will certainly not be remembered as the "good old days"
  19. Wonder how long this will last if we start next season as we have ended this. I am astounded that NP is not being questioned over the run of results... Talk about halo effect.....
  20. Turgid shit. I cannot see how we can retain championship stats next year.
  21. I imagine they will wait until after the last game of the season in order to prevent players not investing for the club....oh...wait..... I agree it would signal intent but is unlikely....l
  22. Received mine this morning too.
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