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    Agreed...one that isn't as leaky as my kitchen sieve!
  2. 2017......different squad......straw man fallacy...
  3. These will certainly not be remembered as the "good old days"
  4. Wonder how long this will last if we start next season as we have ended this. I am astounded that NP is not being questioned over the run of results... Talk about halo effect.....
  5. Turgid shit. I cannot see how we can retain championship stats next year.
  6. I imagine they will wait until after the last game of the season in order to prevent players not investing for the club....oh...wait..... I agree it would signal intent but is unlikely....l
  7. Received mine this morning too.
  8. Whichever Ex-Prem League Star's Derby County..... Purely for the fact they are in the county of Derbyshire but had city staus confirmed in 1977.....should be Derby City....or Derbyshire County.... NOT a mash of wrong terminologies.....pfft. (Hic.....wheres the bottle opener?)
  9. Negative....the credit fee is added to the cost of the ticket....the admin fee is also added....why is that? (Genuine ask rather than being a knob!)
  10. More to the point those who do pay by direct debit complete all the details on an electronic form which submits automatically....exactly WHAT admin are the club doing?
  11. Nigel, Hat off to you - you are clearly not a man who choses the easy path. A massive project awaits you along with a large cohort of fans who are keen to welcome you to the gate when the time comes. Thanks for investing your time in our club, you clearly see something there....please give us a reason to be excited when we turn up at AG.....we need it after the past 18 months. Nige Pearson's Cider Army!!!
  12. Filled with waster players who have given zero effort over the last 10 weeks. (I note you are referring to the two ex England burkes)
  13. I was really critical of LJ in the last 12 months of his tenure - Yes, we went on streaky runs but he managed (eventually) to find a way to motivate the players to turn up and keep us safe. We are in the sad position where nobody is caring about what is to come - we are sleep walking into a descent down the leagues - not up them. If Pearson stays (and I'm not convinced by his performances thus far) we really need to invest in a decent glut of new players - a few here and there will not stem this decay - we used to be the nearly men at one end of the table - lack of serious investment (both financial from SL's perspective and personal from the players) will result in us being the nearly men at the other end of the table. Please be assured that I am in no way criticising SL - he pays more for his season ticket that I ever will - I just want people (manager / .players) to care about this club as much as I do. I've already renewed my season card in good faith - please do not betray that.
  14. Limping to the end of the season is such a desperate state of affairs. I hope that those OOC are aware that potential purchasers are looking at thier performances.... At this rate very few of them would get a job in the National ToolStation league. For me the Jury is out on Pearson too.....
  15. Two points if I may..... 1. What a quality through ball. Exquisite. 2. If that were a Championship ref they would have been likely to have blown in favour of the yellow player!!! Good to see some decisive refereeing.
  16. Morning all, I renewed last night. I've (perhaps misguidedly) placed my faith in SLs statement of intent with NP. I don't think that, after pulling him in at short notice, he will be quick to let him go. The sticking point for me would be whether NPs plans are congruent to the movement (if true) of MA....if he stays I think NP will go. But, rain or shine, I am and always will be a Red. SL if you by some twist of fate read this....please consider carefully the decisions you have to make over the next 24hrs....you will be (either wittingly or unwittingly) signalling your intent to your supporter base and the footballing world more broadly.
  17. If ever there was proof that season ticket renewals have been tosh.....this is it.
  18. Artificial crowd noise for artificial player investment.....why are they complaining?
  19. Agree HNM is MOTM by any type of mile...
  20. Got to be at least 4-5 mins of injury time....
  21. Jack Hunt on.....0-1 loss then....goal will come from an attack on the LH side.
  22. Bentley saves and our second clearence goes straight back to their player on the edge of our box....????
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