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  1. Pearson just confirmed, Williams out for another few weeks
  2. Quite surprised Tanner is getting positive reviews. He’s young and could be a star but every time a winger runs at him he just backs and backs away. Doesn’t look up to the level just yet to me. can see why teams always target that side
  3. Full allocation of just 2000. Will it make it to members or more likely sell out to season ticket holders?
  4. All he needed was a run of games
  5. Very happy with this... slight concern is what happened with him at Derby, fell out with the chairman and players, ended up getting sacked leaving them in 20th
  6. As much of a **** Barton is, it’s bit of a coup them getting him in.
  7. Why would we get rid of someone that has help bring millions of pounds into the clubs with great negotiating skills on transfers
  8. A couple more seasons here and Johnson would have ‘failed’ here aswel
  9. Oh yeah forgot all about what Johnson has achieved as a manger
  10. Johnson could take a few tips from Danny Wilson and playing good attacking football!
  11. Just drop Eliasson. He hasn’t been affective in games for quite a few games now. Not sure if he’s been ‘found out’
  12. Massengo is currently no better than Liam Walsh. Far to weak at the moment. Also Eliasson has gone missing the past few weeks
  13. Don’t rule out a late derby run for the play offs. They’ve got a talented squad and the “Rooney” affect seems to have made a big difference.
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