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  1. Bookies haven’t got a clue in markets like this especially when it’s not premier league. It’s all based on where the money is going.
  2. Does anyone know if you can log on to the same email account and watch in two different locations?
  3. You do realise the Hope Tap is a Spoons right?
  4. Can't disagree with that, I just learn to mentally filter out all the crap.
  5. This is why I have twitter notification alerts turned on.
  6. Belushi's is usually popular and away friendly
  7. Assombolonga has got to be the most overrated striker in the league. Hasn’t lived up to his worth for three seasons now I’d be disappointed if we broke the bank for him we need to be looking overseas again. Che Adams is the only home based player I’d be happy with us splashing out on.
  8. He’s had some great games when we have dominated but when we’re under pressure he collapses and doesn’t seem to be playing the same game as the rest of the team at all. RB is a position we really need to strengthen in the summer.
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