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  1. Having a singing section at all says it all.
  2. Football fans going on about bending the knee have a look at whose taken over Newcastle. Football fans going on about three words being on banner whose taken over Newcastle!!! these woke social justice circus fans will get behind the world cup in qatar as well.
  3. Interesting mirrored what got written about it in the politics forum. They were not far right and racist and what did posters get called for pointing that out far right and racist!!
  4. Atmospheres turgid since the redevelopmenmt and of course that matters but not for all my son sadly binned watching city as its boring now. The Dolman is now dead deceased 100% for atmosphere. fans doing more!! fans got told one game by the stewards they couldnt sing and if they wanted to do so should go in the singing section. weclome to the new world attack more please City because if you dont its a library as the away fans kindly remind us every home game.
  5. Here in Bristol statues get thrown docks BLM behave as football fans cant and City fans protected the Cenotaph from BLM armed with spray paint. The following week fans from other clubs joined City fans. That is history here. Nobody should be surprised some booed something fans will link to BLM .This Bristol Supporters Club & Trust should have looked at what Millwalls Supporters Club said when Millwall fans booed taking the knee they didnt tar fans as racists they used facts saying in some fans minds there were problems with taking the knee linked to BLM. Millwall changed what fhey did dont take the knee and fans dont boo what they do now. This booing of the knee isnt about racism.
  6. Each sending off sets a lower standard. depressing.
  7. People who have done and experienced less have books written about them and always a real gentleman. God bless you Scooter.
  8. Its anti fascism and anti racism. Like bending the knee.
  9. Rich Flowers U18's Whitchurch side today progressed to their cup final after winning their fourth straight match by penalty shoot out!!
  10. Yes well said John. Same being said in these threads by the sane. Being opposed to this knee doesnt make you racist or all the other things being chucked around like far right. Just like John you can think differently to the right on crew and you can think the knee should be changed for any number of reasons.
  11. More from the far right with John Barnes saying he wouldnt take the knee, saying he doesnt think Gareth Southgate understands how complex racism is, states the England team is being used, asks what practical action has been created and points out the big issue of knife crime is being ignored.
  12. @Stricyly Obi When was the last time anybody saw a nazi salute in a ground? when was the last time anybody heard a monkey chant? doesnt happen and if it did rest assured at bcfc the type of lads who will boo taking the knee would sort it.
  13. If this was Chelsea fans they will want the ob to kick in their front doors before Chelsea find out who they are.
  14. Gradient of the stand means if fans stand in the centre fans in blocks to the sides wont be able to see.
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