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  1. I originally had tickets for Hampden park but cashed them in a while back rather than risk it.....
  2. Not surprised, to be honest. Especially considering Glasgow's infection rate. Think we may see a number of unilateral isolation decisions
  3. Easily walkable from New St. although last time we stopped off at the Anchor en-route ,https://www.theanchordigbeth.com/ got totally pissed and ended up in a cab to the ground.... happy days COYR....
  4. My only wish is that weekend home games are at 3pm on Saturdays....and of course, Millwall away isn't Midweek
  5. Oh yeah....Should've gone to Specsavers...
  6. Actually, from a distance, Keith Fear could look a bit like Benny Hill...
  7. Unless he works as a civil servant
  8. I'll look out for NP in Wilko's on East St. buying a broom for a sweep out.......
  9. I'll be watching....hoping for another 2016 "Middlesbrough Moment" COYR...
  10. Nah... we'd draw Forest away
  11. Agreed...in fact Taylor Moore would have been red carded on Saturday without doubt.....
  12. Yup.... isn't life wonderful at the moment....
  13. When I got mine back at the end of August, it was dealt with by Jerry Tocknell (Supporter Liaison Officer) he was very amenable. Suggest you call the club and ask for him.
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