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  1. Pearson’s reputation is all that he has in his favour right now. And you only have to look at Jose Mourinho to know that reputation does not always win you games. Steve Lansdown would have rightly expected him to inject the same uplift he managed during his short spell at Watford the season before last. Finishing the season with momentum is extremely important. But that hasn’t happened - his record with us is mediocre at best. People will say: ‘But the players are rubbish and unmotivated’! (And we were led to believe they were all ‘good humans’. So is my mum but...) But that is a manager’s job. To get the best out of the players at his disposal- to turn a rabble into world-beaters. It is not playing Football Manager, or being good at going shopping (which seems to be the cure-all with some but something that we not likely to be able to do in the short term). One thing our promoted sides have had in common (whether that is under Cotts, Gary J, Ward, Jordan or Cooper ) is team spirit and commitment - and that is something that is driven from the man at the top. (And yes Cotts and Gary struggled at first but they did see the team move up the table after a few months). The football is so deathly dull and boring as well - like most people I wouldn’t mind if we were going for it and losing the odd game. And yes, players being out of contract and not knowing their future (and probably staring at a wage cut tbh) doesn’t help. And key players like Martin, Weimann and Mawson being injured has been a big blow. And the CEO turning on his heels has made a bad situation worse. And no, I don’t know who would do any better - but that is the point. The current wise ‘experienced’ messiah is not doing any better than the assistant coach in the same circumstances . The whole club is a shambles at the moment - anyone connected with it should be embarrassed by by the situation. Not posting upbeat Instagram posts after losing to Wycombe, or putting up toe curling tributes to our Great Leader (who incidentally not so long ago spoke in favour of a closed shop in Rugby’s Premiership - so be careful what you are led to believe) all the while assuming we will all gratefully file back to our season ticket seats next year, doffing our caps and saying ‘thank you sir’. Have some humility. even the season ticket campaign is poor - ‘Always Believe’, a now tired catchphrase that was used by our goalkeeper 12 years ago - and has all the magnetism and pull of a shop putting on a closing down sale. Wheeling out the same old cardboard cut out legends in the promotional artwork. Looking back at old glories - just like the club’s social media has turned into a Bristol City Gold retro channel - relive our 2-0 win away at Port Vale! Why not focus on the fans? Say how much we are missed - how empty the stadiums are without us - and how we can lift the team. I hope Pearson works out I really do - but I don’t know what to think anymore. For the first time in many many years I didn’t even think about checking late night’s result until this morning - and I am a long term STH, who has travelled home and away for years. The club should be worried about that - if it’s biggest supporters start turning apathetic- warning signs should start to go off. COYR.
  2. I don’t think it is a conspiracy theory at all... at this stage a very educated guess at what is going on behind closed doors. We went on a pre-season tour to the US in 2019 - I am quite sure we didn’t go for footballing reasons. During the tour Mark Ashton talked about links with the USL, he had previously presented to them at a winter summit. The same league contains Phoenix Rising, a club co chaired by Brett Johnson - the American named in the Ipswich bid as owner of Benevolent Capital who specialise (among other things) in sports franchise investments. I don’t know who owns Bradenton Gulf Islands but there may be somewhere in that as well. It would explain SL’s recent enthusiastic backing of Mark Ashton, if he is the key to bring inking in US investment. If so, we can expect MA to maintain his grip on power at AG should this happen. As intimated in other threads this saga could well be holding up any permanent move for NP. Recent results will have muddied the waters even further. And could - along with CoVid’s hit on income - have explained the ‘Holden’ move (sorry!) of promoting our assistant coach as last summer, as well as the obvious intention to run down any existing contracts. There does seem to be a real feeling of limbo (and not the dancing kind) to the club on and off the pitch atm. So much so I haven’t watched the last three games on Robins TV - which means I get to miss Rene Gilmartin telling us how good the players have looked in training and his breathless tactical summaries (‘midfield tree’: where, on the pitch? ‘attacking turd’: harsh, but accurate). matches seem devoid of meaning or excitement at the moment, even more so when played in front of empty seats. The players look like they would rather be somewhere else - and most of them probably will be sooner rather than later. Watch this space...
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