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  1. I have had around fifteen really enjoyable, and at times successful, seasons watching City.........the trouble is I started watching them in March 1964
  2. There is a dislodged step at Row 23 between block 12 and 12 in the Lansdown Stand. It is a potentially serious safety hazard. It has been like it for several weeks. Please effect a repair. I have a photograph but can't work out how to attach it
  3. Thanks for the reply to my post on 11 August. Sadly the same locked gate on Friday.
  4. The gate for pedestrians was locked when I returned from the match on Saturday. This has happened before. It forces pedestrians to walk on the road and in danger of being hit by a vehicle. Less importantly, following the rain there were significant puddles on the road which reduced the width of the carriageway and increased the risk of a soaking as well as a collision. Please ensure that the pedestrian gate is unlocked after the match has finished
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