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  1. Bugger, I can’t play. I read that myself so it wouldn’t be a guess. I was mainly shocked that the two ambulances and paramedics took so long to attend, they ended up treating a scar
  2. Well, well, well. Here is a dramatic rewriting of actual factual history, in their thread where they are all getting ahead of themselves and naming the pipe dream on St. Phillips Marsh. memory meader First Team yesterday at 5:02pm yattongas likes this Quote How do you all feel about keeping the word Memorial in the new stadium name. Bristol Rugby deserted the Mem, so it will be nice if Rovers kept Memorial.
  3. Which in itself is odd as I thought Joseph’s statement to the police denied touching him.
  4. I guess this has been asked in the past, so apologies, but I can’t remember the answer. Does the red button thing work on Virgin. If so I might go and visit my virgin media equipped parents.
  5. I thought he was excellent for us until the daft tackle that broke his own ankle a few years back. Since then and until recently he hasn’t had the same commitment but somethings happened because he has it back now.
  6. Glad Ian’s been on the radio to slam me back down to ******* earth.
  7. We used to have a similar conversation in the canteen when I was a bus driver. If someone looked shifty and bought a return or dayrider then, likely they were no worries.
  8. And also the best place for Hull patties
  9. I thought you were taking the piss with a stock photo of a bar in a horse box. But nope, you have to hand it to them again.
  10. I never expected him to stick out the rough times like he has. I’ve a bit of grudging respect for that.
  11. No, no! That’s all irrelevant now. They’ve moved on to more important stats. Exceptional at buying match day programmes is the latest wankfest
  12. **** me- exceptional at buying programmes now! Must have nearly worn through the bottom of the barrel.
  13. My boss is a Blackburn fan and he thinks it’s been sold purely to ease cash flow. No corroboration of that but if he is representative of Blackburn’s fan base then they are not supportive of it. Not supportive at all.
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