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  1. Oh yes they are queuing up. Both feeding types as well. Dabblers and divers.
  2. And I guess the top story is relevant to. Ducks being lined up in North Bristol pending Dick Barton’s sacking?
  3. God they really are dense. Laughing at Lansdown because he didn’t have the imagination to foresee Wally being star struck by a criminal who has showed time and again that he doesn’t have the capacity to reform himself and would continue to allegedly commit offences when managing the mighty sags. More than happy to let them have the limelight on this subject if they want.
  4. Mine arrived today. Excitement and trepidation. Excited to get back to live football but a change of scenery and new neighbours with a move from the south stand to the Lansdown in the hope of a bit more space.
  5. Puts me in mind of a Jackass sketch involving a loo in a diy store. The scene is set, and the unwashed throngs of North Bristol have descended on the Swamp in the hope of being locked out. Many have packed into the shop tent, to get close human contact. Our intrepid hero enters stage left, after eating only McDonalds for the last 3 days. They make their way to the underwear rack and pick out an XXL size to try on. Into the changing rooms they pop and wail gently as the coarse hessian sack like material scratches their skin. Once on and fitting perfectly, they curl out a champion one into their temporary garment, remove them and calmly exit the way they came.
  6. Sharpest elbows in division 3.scored a brace against Chelsea.
  7. With you on that. I do bright blue or bright green depending on how cantankerous the receiver is. Also got into the habit of sending back any amendments allegedly in red and ask for it to be changed. I work in an industry where they are very quick to tell me jobs I cannot do because of colourblindness so I make a point of acknowledging my inability to perceive certain colours.
  8. **** me. I’ve just learnt that today. Purple is my nemesis. Either blue or pink to me. Quite often I guess it’s purple when I can’t decide which colour it is, but Dairy Milk being purple never occurred to me. My worst error was buying ink cartridges for school. We had to have blue or black ink. There was a great offer on “Peacock Blue” so I bought a job lot and was pleased as punch until the **** of an English teacher refused to mark my work as apparently it was turquoise.
  9. I would have thought the residents nearby would be more concerned about the intrusive searchlights scanning the fence line for escaping players.
  10. Can’t imagine they will get too many incriminating confirmations. I’ve got an image of them hearing this info and screaming ‘confirm, confirm, confirm’ whilst frothing at the mouth like some mutant rabid saggy dalek. Sure there is a Chris Morris sketch in there somewhere.
  11. I think I’ve bought something from the wrong club. Ordered the away training top yesterday as I thought it would be handy to do decorating in, as no need to wash it afterwards. Today I get a confirmation of despatch email. Was expecting to receive it around October
  12. Yeah brilliant. He holds the club record for matches lost in a row. So much better than all the others!
  13. We’d probably win a fair few matches in that as the opposition staggered around wondering what had happened to their sight. Bit weird our players all running out wearing sunnies though! It is nice though.
  14. I want my “Lurker” badge
  15. But weird replying to something that they state doesn’t exist. Bit like chatting with those voices in their head as they shuffle down the street.
  16. Just joined up, but reticent to start my first topic discussing how they took more to Wembley than Leicester and Chelsea combined, as it might be too strong and blow my cover straight away.
  17. I’m not very clever at all this but in the analysis they say refinancing Pride Park would push the sale through. How would that help as I thought they don’t own their ground any more?
  18. Said Mrs Postlethwaite, aged 82.
  19. Best not mock. They have been skuppered by the Kill the Bill protest......... If it wasn’t for that......... Well, you know the rest.
  20. Great call. Should get David Brent as the next manager for that uncomfortable look to camera.
  21. So if Rotherham did win all their matches then they would overtake Derby on the way and Derby can’t catch us.
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