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  1. Where did you get Adkins from? Not been mentioned at all for the job
  2. Was he behind that though? Agree he should’ve been higher than where they finished but he did brilliantly to get Villa up, did a great job at Walsall and then Brentford developing the younger players and getting them in the top half most seasons. Would be happy with him for sure
  3. Think Tiny Penis has to top them all, atleast Flynn and Lowe have shown a bit of promise as a manager. Pulis is a gashead and his teams genuinely hurt to watch
  4. Definitely similar players him and Fam. Great in the hair and both absolute workhorses. Would be happy for either team to be in the EFL, Harrogate are a new team in the EFL or atleast haven’t been there for a while and Notts County don’t deserve to be where they are.
  5. Put the cones out for Pep at Barca, Bayern and Man City
  6. Where have you seen this?
  7. Really don’t know why people are throwing fussed over us holding interviews along with Hughtons. Ashton was probably asked to do this and the other 7 candidates could also be very good fits and potentially better than Hughton. Yes I would prefer Hughton to get done ASAP but I have full faith in this board to get it right like they did with Johnson.
  8. Not being funny, but think Johnson would’ve atleast got 6 points over the last three. Hull are dreadful, Stoke I think he may have won, Boro was a great performance but even then our record there is very good. I think now playoffs are all but mathematically impossible that will hopefully speed up the manager process
  9. I think it may as he will look at the squad and think it’s a good experienced squad and how Sheffield United are doing right now and see it as a challenge, but I suppose it depends if they go down or keep Monk as if either happens then no chance he’ll go there
  10. Very much a possibility, they are waiting on a points deduction but it’s only 9 which will take them to 46 points. 1 point ahead of the drop. Still a good squad on them which could interest Hughton
  11. Can’t see Fulham changing their approach so much, think we’re preferred to Birmingham. The one I’m slightly worried about is Sheffield Wednesday as they could sack Monk
  12. Don’t think Hughton will be perfect, Fulham want to play attractive attacking football and are more invested in the youth than we are. Also with a couple of weeks left, Fulham still have a chance of automatics and if they don’t get there then they are definitely in the playoffs. Meaning we have plenty of time to get Hughton done if we wanted him
  13. So this is the first time I’ve seen this rumour and it’s from a 14k Twitter account. Taking into consideration he was favourite before Johnson joined, 100% this is lazy journalism
  14. Would take him in a heart beat, but I think he’s too good for us. Norwich went down because of him but the fact that the owners didn’t back him and in the end they went into the season with a squad nowhere near good enough to stay up
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