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  1. I’m Holden in until he has a decent squad to choose from, our bench is basically the U23 with Fam, Mariappa and Moore. Getting rid of Holden isn’t going to change anything at the moment, 10th place with the luck we’ve had with injuries isn’t the worst in the world
  2. Personally thought Brunt played well yesterday and when he came off it felt like that’s when Birmingham got in to the game. Both Martin and Wells for me struggled. Would bring Bakinson, Hunt, Fam and possibly JD in for Tuesday (although Rowe may deal with Elliot better physically)
  3. Really happy for Johnson if he gets the job. Problem is unsure of Sunderland will be as patient as we were so hopefully he can lift the mood round that club
  4. Hunt surely has to be back in if fully fit, Paterson hopefully atleast in the squad
  5. I suppose it’s good they’re back for Derby, obviously we know Fam is one. Gregor did say more than 5 but that includes staff members as well so will be interesting to see who tested positive. Wish all them well nevertheless
  6. Also felt he was a strong candidate although Holdens doing ok for now
  7. Would not be shocked at all if LJ gets it. Looks like it will be Paul Cook though
  8. Christ... can’t remember how good he was but remember the two reds he got spot on but they were blatant I don’t think that looked a yellow card and definitely not a red. Saying that probably should’ve sent off Mowatt for that challenge on Massengo last season, but in regards to Saturday definitely the best refereeing performance we’ve had this season I thought
  9. It could go either way, my hope is we’ll be better with Walsh, Williams, Baker and Mawson back in. I think it’s an open league this year so you never know that points total could get us higher in the league.
  10. For me the best ref we had this season. Got everything right, judged the penalty shouts very well and in general very in control of the game.
  11. Huddersfield L Cardiff D Derby W Watford D Reading L 5 points from that, Huddersfield are on great form and we have a poor record at their ground. Cardiff is a weird one as they’re on poor form as well think that will be an awful 0-0. Derby not looked great this season and we’ll have a fresh squad and possibly the return of Williams and Walsh so I think we’ll win that. Watford again on poor form but a strong squad. Reading hard to say how they’ll respond to their defeat.
  12. Very fair point, I can see that. Whether it’s the right one or not we’ll have to wait and see I guess
  13. Am I the only one surprised Hughton went to Forest? Forest change manager all of the time (Karanka one still baffles me to this day) and even sacked Lamouchi a couple of months after signing a new contract. Also they made so many changes to their squad for a manager who’s just been sacked so surely Hughton would want his players in immediately. Will be interesting to see how this pans out
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