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  1. Amazing how he remembered so many names
  2. I think a lot of the soul crew were nicked when they played Chelsea a few years ago and some ended up in jail or were banned for life
  3. I’m not surprised with all the shirts they give away at the end of the game :laugh: Thought it was a nice touch how they give the shirts to the kids and one even posed for a picture nice end to the game well done lads
  4. Will definitely go and to be honest if you put aside all the rights and wrongs of them getting it it could be a good World Cup. What’s not to like about some winter sunshine and also little traveling so easy to a couple of game a day , also far enough away not to attract the stag party fans that tag along to close games in Europe. But unfortunately you will need deep pockets to do the whole tournament so will maybe do a couple of group games and see what happens. Regarding tickets if your a member of the travel club and have a few caps can’t see tickets being a issue and hopefully a bit cheaper ( paid £81 for my final ticket last summer ) tin hat on a ready to be shot down
  5. We’re light years away on everything the gap has never been so large
  6. Bought infected about 35 years ago ? Top top album also soul mining another good listen
  7. I would have robbed her if she was wearing this shirt
  8. The SKA TWO TONE away shirt they had a couple of years ago was absolute class
  9. Gutted when he got injured while on loan here and made kp45 look good
  10. Midweek 89/90 season we one 1 nil
  11. Found on a 80,s Facebook page
  12. Hopefully realty will finally kick in regarding huge wages some players earn , but like people say you can’t blame the players if there offered huge sums of money
  13. Merry Christmas from the Somerset Rivera AKA Burnham on sea
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