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  1. Some people don’t know how lucky we are
  2. still think mark and Steve will pull something out the bag and shut us all up
  3. Hold my hands up I got it wrong my mistake
  4. Went to the shop today to get some birthday presents and it was shut Spoke to a girl outside and he said only open Thur,Friday and Saturday 9 to 3 now I totally understand that make sense but why not bloody say that on the official site yet again poor poor customer service
  5. Went to that game bloody 28 years ago my mate drove his Gary escort cosworth how much would that be worth today
  6. Chelsea in the cup 1990 now that was a day .........
  7. Landlord would say if you want to watch tv fxxk off home to watch it had to be a big game to for it to be on tv back then
  8. Quite enjoyed Liverpool v Everton in 89 ? Only time I cheered the boys in blue
  9. Just seen on tv it’s fa cup day tomorrow I remember when it was a big day out who ever was playing one of the few days when my local pub In Bridgwater showed football on the tv ,other then england how times have changed....
  10. If you don’t mind me asking how long have you live over there and what made you choose Estonia
  11. And a few city had a walk down to temple meads to greet them off the train home
  12. Best mate who is a season ticket holder said if only a few away fans were coming they gave seats to home fans which makes sense
  13. You’ve really gone and done it now
  14. Especially man united they seem to hate them more then anyone
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