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  1. Meet some Everton fans on my travels and they said his family were rough as xxxx
  2. Please let’s get a home win and get that bloody great monkey off our backs
  3. Went there in 1992 for a friendly before euro 92 had a great time and watched Cole make his England debut in the under 21,s the ground has changed a bit since then .shame we never got any tickets
  4. Who put the ball in the Scotland next … half of ******* Europe
  5. Shoots have grown a little…..
  6. Selling this on eBay if anyone interested 18 inch wide and asking for £30 mods please move or delete if not allowed
  7. We have an absolutely huge catchment area for the club to grow from
  8. Had to bump this after last night thought he looked a tidy player and had a good game
  9. If i had a pound for for every time someone suggested that ( not you) I reckon I could spend the rest of the year in bed with two thi girls
  10. Found it great for hanging my coat over to dry out but on a serious note much better having it there as it gives you something to lean against and as above stop you falling forward when people walk by
  11. A sausage roll was £4 yes £4 bloody quid
  12. No before discount I paid £9.55 for two golds with discount the sad thing is not so long ago it was competitive priced to pubs around the ground like someone said welcome to modern football Yes still the same
  13. Great little pub where everything used to taste of cider
  14. Thought that was quite a sharp price increase
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