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  1. first home game of the season with a sell out crowd great weather and its flag day trains and buses will be full of fans with optimism so come on city please don’t let us down ……
  2. Anything from the brimson brothers utter crap
  3. Very good book and like you said not your typical bullshit
  4. All played out the story about Italy 1990 brilliant read
  5. Thinking of getting a Sweden ladies season ticket
  6. Evening kick off with all day drinking the best option……. im sure the police would agree with that
  7. Now your talking ….
  8. I say make the whole south stand all standing
  9. Yes the group were manly northern lads , there were 4 preston lads who were game as fxxx and I was with my mate from leeds
  10. On the way to the France game ray was just walking to the ground
  11. I stayed on that campsite ,the police closed off the whole site and filmed everyone there while reading out all your details from the passport you had to hold in front of you
  12. A guy from Manchester ran 3 Campervan’s there .there were only 2 people who were insured to drive but that did not seem to matter . We got picked up at the services in which everyone got off and got plates and cutlery and what ever they could get there hands on for the trip . I swear the sun of the guy who sorted the trip made £10 last him the whole time we were away if you know what I mean. In my defence it was 30 years ago and things were different back then regarding following England away and things happened that I would not dream of doing now . Shit football ,bloody expensive and beer tents that were not there greatest idea. Brilliant times wit great stories but not to be shared on a public forum …..
  13. One injury I was most disappointed with . For those couple of games we were absolutely stunning to watch
  14. Accommodation is the big hitter as tickets prices for the group games are quite reasonable england v wales cost me just under £60 but still got to get there and find a place to stay
  15. Never does and never will
  16. They had a free hit from us that day
  17. Any one flying out Tuesday morning to Munich? From Bristol
  18. On a brighter note my hanging baskets are starting to look good
  19. Going since 81 fair play mate I know beanie has been going a long time as well
  20. Hats off to the Liverpool fans I saw in Bridgwater this morning they must know a dam quick way off getting to Paris for the game tonight
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