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  1. We’re light years away on everything the gap has never been so large
  2. Bought infected about 35 years ago ? Top top album also soul mining another good listen
  3. I would have robbed her if she was wearing this shirt
  4. The SKA TWO TONE away shirt they had a couple of years ago was absolute class
  5. Gutted when he got injured while on loan here and made kp45 look good
  6. Midweek 89/90 season we one 1 nil
  7. Found on a 80,s Facebook page
  8. Hopefully realty will finally kick in regarding huge wages some players earn , but like people say you can’t blame the players if there offered huge sums of money
  9. Merry Christmas from the Somerset Rivera AKA Burnham on sea
  10. Being fair buddy isn’t the new stand being built next to the river so I would imagine that makes things a bit more difficult
  11. What the owner who has bank rolled us built a nice stadium built a state of art training ground
  12. Very kind gesture good to to some Christmas spirit
  13. In all fairness he has had the impossible job what with COVID and brexit could anyone done a better job ?
  14. What till the summer the shop will have loads then
  15. Totally agree with what you say there was already talk at the semi of people getting in for nothing so when we went to the final I thought security would have been Stepped up so got there early and didn’t drink that much
  16. Sorry mate but with a ground that holds 90 k that was pretty much full and only 66 k tickets sold there was much more then 2000 that got in for free
  17. It was chaos there all day and like I said in another post that 2000 is way way of the mark Wembley was rammed and official attendance was 66 k the trouble is if they catch the ones who got in how many are actually season ticket holders or normally go to games so what do you ban them from ???? for the second biggest game of football in the world after the World Cup final it was poorly organised from start to finish
  18. Had to laugh when I read this 2000 got in without tickets try 20,000 and I think you are a lot closer to the real figure
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