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  1. Yes it has I don’t disagree at all . But it’s 2 league games into this season . Nothing is won or lost in that time . It has been disappointing but we can’t judge nige on such a short period . I’m not saying he will get us promoted or relegated but there is no way how some people on here saying sack him he is crap he has no clue or what ever they are saying , can judge someone on such a short period . Hopefully . All I’m saying is don’t judge nothing on 2 games .
  2. Yes we did , but last year and over the last few we all thought this is going to be our year and it was not , so starts to the season does not always mean everything . It has been a disappointing start but it’s 2 league games and there is plenty of time
  3. I mean to start the start of the season . Players have gone and few have come in . So it takes time .
  4. It’s only been 2 bloody league games. Over the last few years we started well and had a cup run and look where that got us . Just give it time before everyone starts moaning and slagging the city off . Rome was not built in a day
  5. I think we all need to remember we are Bristol City . And I’ve been following for 30 years . We all want to reach the promise land of course , but ever since I have been following we have spent most of our time in the 3rd division and yo-yo-ing between 2nd division . We have been more stable than we have for years . I agree at the moment the football is not great and we all hope it improves , but some people think we should be the best team in world let alone the championship . We are in the middle of a pandemic where so many clubs are struggling, and we need to count our self’s very lucky to have The Lansdown family, as with our them we would not have the stadium and training facilities we have now , and I can guarantee we would still be in league 1 with attendances of 9-11 thousand. and it’s only been bloody 2 games into a season , over the last few seasons we started flying , and look where that got us . It’s a long season
  6. He has just had big movement in the odds . He is now favourite
  7. Thank you that is a great assessment of Neil and a level headed one also. As we know some people don’t understand the restraints some managers have to work under . I do believe he is someone with our clubs infrastructure could achieve a great outcome. But was worried about all the comments on his game management. But you have cleared this up perfectly
  8. My only concern with Neil is the Preston fans seem to want him out and there reasons are very similar to what are problems we’re with Johnson for his game management. Now I know there budget is not as big as ours and he was probably limited to a smaller selection of players so he may have more options with us during a game . But it is still a worry
  9. Yes probably . But let’s just hope he gets us to where we want to be . And we will be the ones who have the final laugh for once
  10. Football insider has just said he is set to quit tomorrow
  11. Yep just seen this . And there is a lot of there fans who are aware . I personally don’t think it’s a bad appointment
  12. “I am content here, I’m happy,” he said. “My people haven’t heard anything from Bristol City, so I think it’s just paper talk and rumours.” Gerrards latest interview. So he never turned us down as neither himself or his agent has been spoke. To us about the job
  13. I would hope not as that was 8 years ago and he is loaded
  14. Christ . I knew Mercedes were like that but I though Audi were very reliable . Mine is a company car and for me with 2 kids was just the most affordable and came with everything
  15. The wife knows everything Still no Audi though
  16. I wished I had a black Mercedes, I have a insignia he had a black Mercedes
  17. it’s my trusty family car, and keeps going like a tank
  18. I wished mate . A Vauxhall insignia
  19. :laugh: . I don’t know if he is coming to Bristol but he was heading towards Bristol . I so bloody hope he is myself but I’m not counting my chickens
  20. As I said mate who knows where he is going . But I got back in house 35 mins ago from looking at a kitchen in one of the carehomes I work for and that is where I saw him . Hopefully coming down to us, but probably just a nothing story , but he was heading to Bristol
  21. I know what I saw and it was definitely Chris Hughton . I slowed down to take a second look . I have not mentioned he was on the way to us or I saw him near the ground . But I am telling you I saw him on the m4 between membury and Swindon .
  22. I’ve just got back from London where we have a new carehome being built . And just drove past Chris Hughton in a black Mercedes between membury and Swindon
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