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  1. Never a yellow, definitely not a red.
  2. I’ll be stunned if Massengo is still here after January if he keeps up this form . Kid is insanely good
  3. Jack Hunt is not and was not the answer. He reminds me of that old classic where if you’re not good enough to be a winger you end up at RB. Hence why I think he was so shite at defending and good at crossing. There were so many times last season where the ball would be crossed in from the left with absolutely zero pressure on the ball or the player from Hunt. Was far too easy and so painfully frustrating to watch. Be interesting to know how many chances we conceded from that area of the pitch. Glad he’s gone, whilst albeit not exactly thrilled with the options we now have (Tanner aside) . Needed something better than Simpson, although I do believe he is a better option to Vyner. Looking forward to Tanner hopefully breaking into the team, which shouldn’t be too long judging by the competition he is faced with.
  4. Need a ******* rocket up their arses. Get Dasilva on.
  5. Vyner gets done too easily all the time man
  6. Han-Noah to score and City to win 18/1 on Skybet
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