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  1. Isn’t that exactly what we’re trying to avoid doing since the LJ days?
  2. RedEyez


    Thought he was pretty good to begin with?
  3. Didn’t realise we had the same players as Forest.
  4. He picks them . He literally doesn’t have a Games console controller on the edge of the pitch controlling their every move and action. The midfield in the first half were well of it .
  5. Can see O’Dowda being offloaded in the summer for sure. Pearson spoke about players being at a club for too long , when discussing Jamie Paterson’s departure, before the Swansea game. For me, O’Dowda definitely falls into that category and I think Pearson knows that too.
  6. If I HAD to choose one of the three to sell if we had to balance the books, with a heavy heart, it would have to be Massengo. Simply due to the creativity and the goal contributions the other 2 bring to the side. Which has been key to our progress in being more potent in the final third. A choice in midfield of James, Williams, Scott and a new signing would be fine with me. We will get big bucks for Massengo, with some of it potentially being available to strengthen in the areas we need to strengthen. If FFP allows us to, of course.
  7. Definitely wouldn’t have kept a clean sheet :laugh: you alright?
  8. If Vyner played today we would have lost 2-3
  9. Yep, he’s finished.
  10. Is that cos you weren’t there again?
  11. I’ve logged into my Betfair account on my laptop and plugged it into my tv with a hdmi. Free stream on there if you have an account. If not then it’s easy to set one up. Good stream, no problems just no commentary.
  12. I think he knows his strongest 11. It’s just getting them all fit at the same time to play together.
  13. So he is then? Love a double negative… Belter.
  14. Absolutely love that from Benik - a class act. I’m so pleased he feels that way for us as it’s so clear to see that the feeling is mutual unconditionally. I would have him back in a heartbeat over Martin and Wells.
  15. Tell you what. Ten men City will do well to get anything out of this game against the 14 men of QPR.
  16. Refs had a proper Weston super mare there. When you take in to account the stone waller on Alex Scott for an almost identical challenge - you either give both of them, or neither. I hate the inconsistency with the refereeing at this level.
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