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  1. I hope we give them the same in the return fixture
  2. They would only let us have 700 tickets on police advice even though we asked for the maximum but they refused
  3. Yes spot on like the old days when it was the European Cup & Uefa Cup
  4. That does make sense but as we all know money talks so it won't happen. As for the champions league how can it continue to be called that when you got 3 other teams plus the champions participating from England and similar in other countries. Maybe let the current champions join in at a later stage would help!
  5. I agree something needs to change to stop these meaningless games and the smaller nations should be in their own qualifying groups.
  6. Swindon had 5 players on international duty today and has to play the game as we signed up with Sky at the end of August and couldn't break the contract
  7. Two Swindon flags but didn't see any Gas!
  8. Have they not seen the standard of male referees in league 2
  9. It's not the same I need to know the roller on the lawnmower was working correctly
  10. I'm missing the lines on the artificial pitch!
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