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  1. Cheers, in all honesty I don’t have a clue what to expect similar to last season. we have Scott Lindsey as the new manager who was No2 to Garner so yet again unproven and as you guys know very rarely succeed. We lost 3 players to Charlton including Jojo & Jack Payne plus a few others who were out of contract. Incomings to date are 11 players plus a couple of loans mainly all younger inexperienced players apart from defender Angus McDonald who they are looking to develop. The fanbase still seem interested selling out the 600 tickets for today’s game at Harrogate in under 24 hours to season ticket holders and wouldn’t give us anymore.
  2. All the best for the coming season and let’s hope we both get promoted. It’s the hope that kills us!
  3. We’ve known about it for over two weeks after it got leaked out before compensation was agreed. Rumours are that he met with Charlton between the two Port Vale games which hasn’t gone down well but he gave us a cracking season against all odds and can have no complaints that he’s off although I would have expected him to have stayed one more season before moving on. we have a new director of football in place who done well at Wigan last season and expect a new manager announcement maybe Thursday with Mark Delaney favourite followed by Matt Taylor & Ryan Mason
  4. Apparently Garner was talking to Charlton between the play off matches with Port Vale and the deal was done over two weeks ago.
  5. Yes it’s all a bit odd but the bookies have been taking money on both of them. Ryan Mason would be a good replacement alongside someone older but my gut feeling is Matt Taylor who played for us and managed Walsall. He also lives locally
  6. I wasn’t sure if it had reached you guys yet! should be announced this week and oddly Matt Taylor of Exeter and the other defender who played for us & Pompey equal favourites with Ryan Mason just behind.
  7. Charlton maybe a bigger club but sound poorly run
  8. I’m surprised STFC news hasn’t broken yet!
  9. I agree and wonder why it’s taking so long for you to get in the premiership
  10. Cheers Dave, I've been to West Brom & Villa but didn't know what part of Birmingham St Andrews was in. Similar journey as you guys picking up the M5 at Gloucester
  11. Hats off to fans who drive to every away game especially the mid week ones. I'm intrigued to know how WBA is slightly nearer than Birmingham having never visited St. Andrews
  12. I don't see them doing a Fulham & Norwich and bouncing straight back
  13. Fair point you make and as stated above he may be better off away from the side of the pitch when they play at Wembley incase things don't go for Port Vale
  14. Absolutely for his thuggery but condolences to him and his family for his tragic loss
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