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  1. I maybe wrong but I'm pretty certain he wouldn't be pulling her if he never had money
  2. Based on that I wonder if she will accompany him in court to support him
  3. He can have a penthouse in Horfield with a small window so that he can hear the crowd on match day when the away teams score
  4. Not much to read! https://www.bristolrovers.co.uk/news/2021/july/joey-barton-statement/
  5. Imagine not what the Rovers players wags discuss over lunch
  6. Nooo we don't want anything to do with that shower of shite we're over the worst and now on the way up with a new owner, manager, CEO and director of football in place, new home and away kits, season ticket sale on sale, and players lined up for this week!
  7. I think they're just jealous and in awe of you guys and hate the thought that the divide between you both is huge.
  8. Combine both of his court cases to save time
  9. They ain't happy and he's that special they've opened the court up for him on a Sunday
  10. It won't be his fault just like all the other controversy he's been involved in
  11. What a horrible piece of sh*t he is and deserves to make his new residence in Horfield and maybe share a cell with Ryan Giggs
  12. They definitely got a chip on their shoulder
  13. Your neighbours up near the prison are a bitter lot
  14. I would imagine based on the pedigree of your manager and his ability to get you playing well alongside what money is being placed
  15. Good point and they could have at least questioned Nathan Thompson who was the main instigator
  16. Cheers, just wondering if he can get on the ball or whether he's still a little lightweight to make an impression
  17. Imagine the envy when they venture into the city and see this on the horizon
  18. quite surprising considering their wealth
  19. That could be a good shout and something I not heard as I struggle to get on the Adver online similar to the Bristol post due to freezing and too many ads
  20. I wasn't thinking Nationwide again considering that's where the new CEO has come from
  21. Not yet but so much positivity within the last 48 hours so expecting it to be announced next week along with several players
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