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  1. Never had to Google just got the names mixed up
  2. It's their big day out apart from Bradford away where else are they going to play in front of 12000+ in league 2
  3. Their moaning amongst themselves about how poor our away end is have they not looked a thing their own facilities they offer away fans albeit limited numbers
  4. Sorry Glastonbury getting dad & son mixed up!
  5. I always thought his son was a decent defender.
  6. Liam is a good guy and presents himself well on TV so would imagine he's liked by the players.
  7. He's done a good job so far and was wondering who is backroom staff are
  8. Fair point. I'm a believer that each club has its good times but where it stands changed from the 30/40 years ago is the money from around the world being put into clubs.
  9. They are still a big attraction but will alwys be in the shadow of Liverpool
  10. Will there be much money to buy players now that the new stadium build is underway
  11. As that centre half from Oxford showed any promise when he's been given a start
  12. Sometimes it can be the best option if you get the right ones in and you may end up signing them in the summer if they impress and they're not wanted at their parent clubs
  13. Could he not get a couple of loan players in as he must have a lot of contacts
  14. Sometimes it works having a big brickhouse type centre half who can do the dirty work alongside a ball playing more cultured footballer that's why I'm surprised Pearson hasn't sorted that out from day one and used that a platform to build a side that won't concede many goals.
  15. Do you think your missing a Aiden Flint type centre half to go with the talent you have?
  16. They're think the new stadium under construction is the answer to their progression but at what cost as they still need to buy players!
  17. Maybe in the summer big Dunc to steady the ship for now!
  18. I agree not picking a big centre half to try and nullify Mitrovic is baffling as he scores goals for fun in the championship If allowed time and space to dictate the game.
  19. Considering NP was a no nonsense centre Half I'm surprised that you have the joint second worst goals conceded in the championship.
  20. Reading is a strange one as they never brought many down here when we played them years ago and not sure who their rivals are as it's not us or Oxford maybe Aldershot!
  21. Ross Stewart at Sunderland looks handy if Sunderland ever sold him
  22. Probably because Chelsea get an easy home tie yet again....
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