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  1. You are a sad person Humpshire reds.........................lighten up, the worlds not that bad a place
  2. After ploughing my way through all this, I just wish that all the posters that are jumping up & down & calling for NP's head would **** off & support the blue few, then they will really have something to cry about. This was never going to be a quick transition from the dire position we found ourselves in, NP has to be given the time & adequate funds when they become available. In the meantime please stop acting like spoilt clueless brats
  3. Sure is, shape up or ship out, what we've needed for a long time. That type of talk has reinforced my thinking that we are in very good hands.
  4. I understand your feelings but the sad fact is that they have been sucked in just as we did & I don't really think that relegation is deserved by trusting someone. A painful exercise as well we know, I just hope they come to their senses before it's too late, if it isn't already.
  5. YeeeHaaah .......................................And there was me thinking I was loosing my eyes along with every other bodily function
  6. At times I felt alone being an avid admirer of AW, his work ethics has always pleased me, a true pro & when he was injured I think he was missed more than many admitted. I'm glad many others are now seeing the benefits of having AW around the squad.
  7. None of us are getting any younger.
  8. Do we have to wait that long ???
  9. My 1st name starts with a G
  10. Has 'Big Nige' ever been away ?. I'm just glad someone of his standing had the balls to take us on after some pretty disgraceful performances last season & things looking pretty grim at AG. I'm certainly not tipping promotion or even playoffs but hopefully the confidence from this win will kickstart our season into something we can enjoy & finish out of danger, by then 'Big Nige' might have more funds at his disposal to get things moving, COYR's.
  11. Only just picked up on this Tone, its funny how many of us in our working life wish we were retired, then when it happens wish we were back working. I haven't worked for 20yrs due to injury (I'm now 73) & the early years were hell. Grandchildren playing sport, photography & fishing have been enormously helpful. Also try to keep out the way of "The War Office" keeps me active. Glad you've found something to help you Tone, stay safe mate.
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