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  1. I feel the same way & have no interests in either of the teams at all, so I reckon my time was best spent fishing instead .
  2. What Davefevs said Major, he stole my thunder !
  3. FFS what is a WhatsApp group? Old farts like me can't keep up with it all, only just worked out my fax machine
  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery RR
  5. A lot better career than *********ng Clough who's playing for my Adelaide United.
  6. “best before”, what's that all about Fevs ?, nobody in our house even looks at the wrappings.
  7. So true, loved this player from day 1 & couldn't fathom why some were wanting him out not so long ago. My growing concern is that we will be challenged to keep AW after his 20+ goal season (season isn't done yet). What a star .
  8. Did ok in the 2 - 0 win against against Southhampton. Maybe boosting our chances of a pay out ??
  9. bpexile


    The away scoreboard !
  10. Not before he took a slice out of us.
  11. Love to see him earn a crust elswhere
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