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  1. DJI


    We all crave what Brentford have, we all look to the promised land that is the premier league. Unfortunately though unlike Brentford and others before then we seem help bent on destroying a rebuild before it even has chance. Based on the comments of some it would appear that we should change managers every time we lose a game. I recall watching from the East end in the 70s, I don't ever remember such negative comments when we lost. I would say maybe it's time to come of the forum as I am sure it does not represent the majority view.
  2. Sadly I think he has decided not to stay for all the reasons already quoted. Premier league teams at the listeners end would be keen to employ him, why would be want to stay at a club with so many problems to resolve. SL seems in no hurry to offer up what is needed. Easy to say he has to meet him in person first, I think the reality is he was/is a temporary measure only.
  3. DJI


    Be careful what you wish for. Several years ago people called for Gary Johnson's head. There wish was granted. Since then we have not progressed any further. He at least took us to the championship play off final. Dean Holden needs time not constant criticism. Let's at least give him a while season before judgment.
  4. Maybe the new manager has been selected and is ready to go once the season ends. Allowing Dean Holden and his team to run the show until the end of the season. As has been pointed out already the new man could be watching videos, planning changes to personnel and preparing us for their style of football. Why do I think this? Steve Lansdown was very good to both GJ & LJ and unless they have had a falling out I could not see him clearing the decks so soon. LJ was as I understand very upset by the decision, possibly came as a bit of surprise even. Now I am not in the know but I think the announcement will come either Friday or Monday once the season is complete and a further clearing of staff has taken place. For what it's worth I still think it will be Chris Hughton.
  5. How many time this season have we been 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0 down at half time and come back to either draw or win? That fact alone will demonstrate how much fight we have (:laugh:) in this team. Yes it wa an excellent point for Derby, I am sure most people are right, we would have taken a point before the match but it does not excuse throwing in the towel when we are comfortably 3-0 up at half time. I defy anyone to look at the half time stats and tell me that LJ did not change the tactics in the 2nd half. For the record the person who stated that Tammy and Taylor should have stayed on was100% right. Maclaren must have been laughing his socks off when he saw the changes.
  6. It does not matter who you play. To go from 3-0 up to 3-3 is not a good point for ANY team.
  7. I didn't give him credit for the 3-0 lead. But I do give him gref for the draw. How can the same group of players play so badly in the second half. Maybe the game plan was changed for them.
  8. Its not the draw that is depressing. You are right.It is a good point against an in form team but if you throw away a 3-0 lead when you are running them ragged and they have already made 2 substitutions in the first half, that would suggest something is very wrong. It was quoted on here that Derby looked tired following their cup match, then it was quoted that the manager had made to many changes, but I have to say that the wally with the brolly has got a better idea than the wally leading this team.
  9. I have supported Bristol City for 50 years and I think this is just about the lowest point I have known. Even the youngsters that saved the club many years ago had more fight, drive & determination than this overpaid bunch.Sadly I was also one of the LJ ' in' brigade up till today.
  10. If we dont win this one from 3-0 up then we dont deserve to stay up.
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