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  1. Robins TV commentator 'It's been an entertaining 90 minutes'.
  2. I'm more excited about our 'potential' for midfield options than I am about other parts of the pitch. Given that we know we're not going to go out and buy a couple of midfield superstars, we've got to hope that some of this potential does come to fruition. I have to agree though that the quality needed in midfield for a promotion push seems to be on another level and would probably require some investment.
  3. Whist not getting carried away because we only beat a poor Birmingham side, however there were some good performances. In the short term we don't have a lot of permutations around defence or attack however the midfield line up is starting to look interesting. How do we select 3/4 from the following: Palmer, rejuvenated under NP Massengo, seems to be realising some of the promise. Great game today. Nagy. Powerhouse midfielder. Rarely has a bad game. Walsh. Who isn't excited about what a fit Walsh brings to the team? Vyner. Arguably a player of the season contender, much of which in midfield Lansbury. Started several recent games and seems to be improving. Very highly rated pre Villa. COD. Was paying well prior to injury and showed today what he can do. Watkins. For me, the last appealing of the options but he got an appearance today so is obviously being considered. All things being equal, who would be our first choice midfield now?
  4. Is Fam really interested? Knows he's going in the summer and I'm not sure we're always paying with 11 players with him in the team. Won't mention the 'shot' just now. Jesus!
  5. They must see something in Lansbury. Let's hope today is the day the rest of us get to see it. Really hoping Massengo has a good day.
  6. Bents was distracted by calling out for Hunt to get attention. As others have said, he's still well in credit.
  7. Why are we allowing Bournemouth over the halfway line before any pressure on the ball? Bournemouth conversely are chasing us down in our own penalty box. Having said that, we're having a good spell.
  8. Same here. Gutted. Sounds like the whole team are playing well but the cynic in me does wonder why Fam seems to turn it on in the transfer window or when playing his potential future employers (might help up the contract offer a bit). Or is that unfair?
  9. Can't decide whether to shell out another tenner. If it was a few days later and 'Nige' had been with the players a bit to, hopefully, get a reaction, then no doubt about it. I'm just warey that it is the same players with the same tactical set up from Laurel and Hardy and just the presence of the new man can't make that much difference. Or can it?
  10. As I said, I like the guy and I'm excited to see what happens but is he the sort of character that Ashton and the Lansdowns can get on with long term? Hope so and for the first time in a long time I'm excited about the future.
  11. Don't want to detract from the anticipation but his managerial record shows a few jobs where he was only in post for a matter of months. I like him. But is he really a long term appointment??? ...or is this a panic move?
  12. This game has been selected for international broadcast. Sorry world.
  13. Nearly...... about 20 years ago when the young Portuguese lad (Dani Rodriguez??) snapped his leg in two, right in front of me. That was a tough one to watch...
  14. You really have become accustomed to the terrible standard of football that we have to endure and therefore have set the bar very low. If you found any attacking threat or, God forbid, some entertainment in that performance then you're a true optimist.
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