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  1. Getting thrashed by Wolves at Molineux in about 1998 (?). Vilmos Sebok played a back pass to Steve Phillips who took an air shot at it and the ball trickled in to start the drubbing. And we got caught in traffic on the way up so didn't get any pre-match cider.
  2. He gets a rough ride on this forum, sometimes warranted, but I thought he was superb today. Really looked up for it. Glad the old boy has got an international break now to recover!
  3. Jimbo76


    We have no consistent, quality offensive players and that is what will limit or season. All the reasons to be positive about City - Bentley, Atkinson, Tanner, James, Massengo, Williams - do little to get us goals. Investment needed in the final third if we are ever to achieve the top 6 promised land. Totally agree that Bakinson and Palmer (sometimes Wells) don't seem to have that 110% effort or at least not consistently. We need offensive players that will throw everything at it to win the match but with the required quality to do the job. Jed Wallace springs to mind.
  4. Out of his depth in the first half as QPR targeted our right side. Better second. Distribution and crossing poor but defensively did ok. But we didn't buy a finished product. Definite potential.
  5. Jimbo76


    Immense. The boy has come of age.
  6. Good luck keeping all of those egos under control Ole! Pogba fights Ronaldo in training within a week I reckon.
  7. Atkinson at fault for the goal. We're very weak in both full back positions. Pring knows how to cross a ball. The youngsters look up for it. We need a decent striker (or two). Overall, despite trailing at the break, its the most enjoyable 45 minutes I've watched City play for a very long time. Fingers crossed for a little luck, or a Semenyo cameo, in the second half.
  8. Having just looked at the match day program online, Scott is not listed in the squad?
  9. Is the cryotherapy the reason why the game is £10 on bctv and 4.99 on avtv?? Scandalous. Where do I put my hard earned money? Really poor approach to bcfc supporters to charge the same for pre season friendlies as full league matches. Even worse that a Premier League team (and Villa of all teams) has to show us the way.
  10. Robins TV commentator 'It's been an entertaining 90 minutes'.
  11. I'm more excited about our 'potential' for midfield options than I am about other parts of the pitch. Given that we know we're not going to go out and buy a couple of midfield superstars, we've got to hope that some of this potential does come to fruition. I have to agree though that the quality needed in midfield for a promotion push seems to be on another level and would probably require some investment.
  12. Whist not getting carried away because we only beat a poor Birmingham side, however there were some good performances. In the short term we don't have a lot of permutations around defence or attack however the midfield line up is starting to look interesting. How do we select 3/4 from the following: Palmer, rejuvenated under NP Massengo, seems to be realising some of the promise. Great game today. Nagy. Powerhouse midfielder. Rarely has a bad game. Walsh. Who isn't excited about what a fit Walsh brings to the team? Vyner. Arguably a player of the season contender, much of which in midfield Lansbury. Started several recent games and seems to be improving. Very highly rated pre Villa. COD. Was paying well prior to injury and showed today what he can do. Watkins. For me, the last appealing of the options but he got an appearance today so is obviously being considered. All things being equal, who would be our first choice midfield now?
  13. Is Fam really interested? Knows he's going in the summer and I'm not sure we're always paying with 11 players with him in the team. Won't mention the 'shot' just now. Jesus!
  14. They must see something in Lansbury. Let's hope today is the day the rest of us get to see it. Really hoping Massengo has a good day.
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