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  1. Skybet have stopped taking bets on it.
  2. Have to say, that is the exact team I would have picked. Just not sure how we expect a team to perform well with such frequent changing of personnel and formation. Fingers crossed.
  3. This team ain't happy. So obvious to see by body language, effort and just the miserable look on their faces. Never been too quick to say LJ Out but I think he's run his course now. January ideal time to get rid.
  4. This team don't look like a team playing for their manager. Almost no movement. Diedhiou has never been one for making runs but he's virtually static today. Me thinks Lee has lost the dressing room.
  5. Still find it incredible that we could be such a force if we had the forwards that other top championship clubs have got. Miracle that we are where we are in the league based on strikers that we have.
  6. How have SU got Sharpe, McGoldrick, Madine and Hogan where we only really have Fam? I really think this will be where we come up short this season.
  7. SU very impressive. Work rate is something else. If they keep playing like this, I think they have a great chance of top two. Villa in contrast don't play as a team and only Tammy looks really up for it.
  8. Anyone else note this on Bristol Live in their article about Semenyo: "It is regrettable that there were reports that Semenyo announced his annoyance at the outcome of the pursuit on social media on Thursday evening" Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but can't find a thread on it. Hope it's not the case that his head is already elsewhere and we don't see the best of him. Anyone know what the social media comments were?
  9. Undoubtedly Kelly's biggest failing is his casual approach, all too often. However, I do wonder where we would be in the league if we had one or two decent strikers who knew where the net was.
  10. There's no movement up front at all so that is the only option!
  11. I can hear '7 games unbeaten' as the LJ message following a dire 0-0 draw.
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