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  1. Love the story about him asking LJ to be captain for that cup game. I’d play him every week. I think 3-5-2 could be DH’ set up. Moore Kalas Baker Vyner on the bench. I don’t think it’s sustainable with injury though, we’d need another.
  2. Something we’ve been crying out for now for ages. I think most of us would agree we need some presence in that area. I’m not sure Morrell is the answer and I’m not expecting much more from any of the guys that played last season. Here’s hoping we recruit one in some form. Just a thought though - could Taylor Moore play as a CDM? @Davefevs, what do the stats say?
  3. They are good questions that the press have a duty to ask. They may well claim not to have seen them although we all know they have and if the journalist is any good they would already have these on their list. I don’t care if it ruins relationships with the club, they need to do their job. Unfortunately the club will give standard politician answers
  4. Absolutely agree. It would be so fool hardy not recruit a solid CM to add some steel but I would almost put my mortgage on us not doing so. We’ll be having the same conversation come January where we will bring in someone on loan who’s not up to the task - like Henrikson for example
  5. Offices statement from the club is up now on twitter thanking korey for his efforts. He has definately gone
  6. Neither of them have proved it because neither has had their chance yet. Let’s hope this is the breakthrough year
  7. When did Morrell and Walsh get their chance in the championship out of interest? Walsh, 22yrs - 12 games since 2017 (3 of which were for Birmingham) Morrell - One game
  8. Without the midfield steel we need we won’t be progressing anywhere. We havent had it since we got to the championship so they need to spend somewhere. We’ve got far too may CM’s on the books. I’d only be keeping one of Nagy or Smith leaving them as back up with Massengo to Walsh and the new guy. But I’m in fantasy land. Can’t wait to see our piss weak midfield get walked through game after game
  9. Not many are happy, me included, but why don’t we wait until we hear something (a) official from the club and (b) some rational behind any decisions made Don’t assume, it makes an ass out of u and me
  10. Taking the weekend to think about it. Cheeky bastard. Why go to the interview if you didn’t want the job. You’re hardly qualified.
  11. Let’s hope we havent been really stupid and offered a contract in excess of 12 months. Surely must finish at least 7th to get another year
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