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  1. Watch out, Klose’ about
  2. Every signing that there has ever been anywhere says the same thing so take it with a pinch of salt. Media training.
  3. I doubt it, he’s the only natural cover in that position What happened ?
  4. I was referring to green. I’m pretty ignorant to it aswell but it was highlighted over the course of the last season on here. As I understand it if the two teams playing are in red and green respectively then they cannot be distinguished between which must be incredibly frustrating. I think the club were made aware so hopefully it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears - that would be a real shame
  5. Absolutely no chance given Colour blindness issues. I’d hope we weren’t that insensitive
  6. I’m guessing black will feature fairly prominently on the away kit based on the warm up gear being made to match
  7. No don’t. You might crash and we don’t want him failing the medical
  8. Are they? Can’t find it. Hope it’s true!
  9. Not sure why we’d get rid of Kalas
  10. Haven’t heard that phrase for some time!
  11. Actually the UK police are widely regarded as the best in the world by most other countries!
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