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  1. Considering the damage caused by the Cardiff fans last season i can't see it being anything but a lunchtime kick off.
  2. Have no fear, by the time we ever reach the premiership Marvs underground system will be in place!
  3. You would think most championship clubs would lose 3-4 players at a max, and most likely play for the lesser countries who wlil get knocked out after 2 weeks I cant see why it can't continue and maybe have larger squads etc
  4. Will the championship stop as well? Its not as if clubs will have their whole squad unavailable.
  5. Hasn't the singing section been 'safe standing' all season? What would change if we applied to be part of the trial?
  6. Hi Jerry Today I travelled to AG using the M1 using a first bus day ticket. On the way back I got on the Ag1 back into the city centre . The driver said he had been told today that day tickets will not be accepted anymore for and AG buses, he let me on but warned be it won't happen again Either Bcfc website is giving out wrong info or first bus is Has first bus confirm this with Bcfc?
  7. Some big towels being used today!
  8. Yes correct! Remember it being a dire match as well!
  9. 1-0 win v Barnsley 18/01/20 Was the last time us fans attended Ashton Gate to watch City win on a Saturday afternoon. Let's hope we win tomorrow, its does the make rest the weekend feel so much better! ( If I remember correctly!)
  10. Under 18s would still be able to attend without a vacine
  11. https://ashtongateparking.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4eaJBhDMARIsANhrQAA7UdA9X4JKtYkBv7U20hMLbmxw0U1ivfz8HJZP-5KXNXqQjbh6MiAaAr2uEALw_wcB Has anyone parked here before? Was thinking of trying it for the Luton match next Wednesday I'm not sure if its bedminter cricket ground? Only review I can find is from a fella who's car nearly got stuck from all the mud caused by heavy rain .
  12. Apologies if already discussed but the game is on Sky after all! Red Button or bonus stream on Now Tv
  13. Totally agree, when he is with the ball he doesn't look up to see who is around, his crossing is woeful and scoring records says it all.
  14. Does he really want to be at this club? I'm baffled that so many 'big' clubs are interested in him as he can't shoot, cross or pass the ball very well
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