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  1. Enjoyed listen to part 1 with 'full throttle' It brought back some good and bad memories of growing up as a city fan. Looking forward to part 2
  2. Walking past someone briskly is deemed to be low risk so it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11726/10157839/lee-johnson-appointed-bristol-city-manager MA recommended to the board to appoint LJ as manager
  4. Anyone ever converted their garage into another room? Looking at changing mine to make a larger kitchen dinner area ,obviously lots to think about esp the cost, looking on the internet I see prices vary from £5k - £25k. Couple of question I have if anyone can help Is an architect needed to complete the plan? Can anyone recommend any good builders they have used in the past for similar work? Cheers
  5. They will be safe with Colin in charge. I know their fans hated the type of football Pulis played, at least they wont have to be the ground to watch more hoof ball
  6. I think after 5 minutes of watching Stefan Marinovic in goal we all knew he was sh#t
  7. It looks like Now tv email you the code which reduces the prices when you add it to the order , I have a spare if you want it?
  8. If anyone is interested Now tv are offering all the sky sports channels for £20 month for 3 months. This will cover the period for the rest of the season. Plus there should be some test cricket to watch In that time
  9. 1. Bob Taylor 2. Tinman 3. Jackie 4. Shaun Taylor 5 Junior Bent
  10. If your talking about a now tv pass then it would be more value if you get week pass with the 2 games coming up on sky
  11. Was a new singing section created today in the south stand? It was good to hear some of the old classic!
  12. I like it the official club shop is selling unofficial badges! Who would sell the official badges then?
  13. And we play Charlton prior on the Wednesday. Didn't we move games last year to a Sunday for extra time to rest?
  14. I hope it is as I have ashes tickets on the Saturday!
  15. 'Possession isn't nine tenth of the law its nine tenths of the problem' - John Lennon
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