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  1. Indeed Idliketo, I thought the same as you, which is why I snuck into the Memstad the other day to gather some evidence. Their tarmac is indeed something to be proud of. Special, just like them...
  2. I'm sure that would have a positive impact on the outcome!
  3. Far be it from me to criticise (with a head sporting less hair than a baby's bum), and absolutely nothing to do with all the stuff written over the years about our friend Mr Naynard, but I have to say that he looks an absolute **** with that hairstyle...
  4. Never heard of him, so did a quick Google - hardly a stellar career by the look of it. Bit then again when you're fishing in the type of ponds the Sags are beggars can't be choosers. Is this the type of signing that'll start all that "coming for you" gumph again? Tossers...
  5. They really do think they are some kind of big shot don't they? "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King." Absolute tossers...
  6. Remember that day better than I can recall yesterday! So proud of who we were and what we achieved, the sea of red and white (and those dodgy yellow and black ski hats) brought tears to my 18 year old eyes. Went by coach, stuck for hours in the car park after the game, but no one cared! I've still got my FRT 1986 mug too. Fantastic memories, thanks for posting!
  7. Whilst experiencing the usual aggravation trawling through any article on the Bristol Post website I found the following picture particularly pertinent - I might be wrong but this CCTV image of the "coffin vandal" looks like the perpetrator isn't exactly in the early stages of youth. They're barely attracting minimal new, fresh support at best. This is just some fat old Sag fart doing his best to try and maintain an appearance of parity between the two clubs. The gap has never been wider and they know it. FTG
  8. Also, just a reminder that whilst the Sags season has been totally horrendous absolutely NONE of it is Jailbird Joey's fault...
  9. Yeah I heard that. A Sag shocking signing? I suppose he must be referring to the shocking sum they forked out for Andy Tillson, a "break the bank" signing from which they've never fully financially recovered...
  10. "John Shaw for Scotland!"
  11. Glass of red tasting very nice here, although the Fewer I text in work (can't call him a mate as I've never been "mates" with a Sag), who incidentally is one of the most profligate WhatsAppers I've ever come across, has gone strangely quiet on me? Just can't understand why... Hate the bastards, COYR!!!
  12. Wise words from the Blue Few. In fairness I've been caught with this "moody gear" once or twice - Once (in a cheapy type store) I bought some Farenheit looking aftershave, only to look more closely when I got home to realise it was actually called "Fireandheat"! I've also eaten Ken's Fried Chicken, and bought Odidas trainers (silly me)... But perhaps my most embarrassing faux pas was a couple of years ago at The Memorial Stadium, where I picked up a piece of Bristol Blue inscribed with "Doncaster United" instead of "Doncaster Rovers"! I really should know better by now...! C.N.U.T.S.
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