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  1. Hmmm maybe not then...
  2. Sounds like the perfect candidate if the Rovers job ever comes up...
  3. In response to the original post - after yesterday's goal the answer is "yes". It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.
  4. I just love my team - even when I'm angry or pissed off with them. COYR!!!
  5. Just don't mention it. Only confuses the issue...
  6. These images are absolutely priceless!
  7. BRFC - Blatantly Regularly Falsifying Crowds
  8. Which conveniently leaves room for around 400 dirty She Ted's - probably...
  9. Pedantic maybe, but isn't this a double negative? Surely if we "don't hear nothing" then we are hearing something? Many thanks SL, your support has, and always will be much appreciated.
  10. I'm sooo tempted to say "What, like Elvis Preseli"? But I won't...
  11. Stones from Swansea are not uncommon. I remember driving away from Swansea (after a night game 5-0 victory led by the magnificent Sir Bob). There were plenty of stones coming in our general direction from the somewhat disgruntled locals...
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