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  1. That child must have awfully strong forearms to hold a construction of that size for so long!
  2. I'm sure the events mentioned at Crapdiff occurred only a week or two before some widely reported violence in a cup game between them and Leeds (although I could be wrong). The Crapdiff stuff at our game was the worst I've ever experienced, but barely got a mention nationally IIRC.
  3. Apologies if mentioned elsewhere but parachute payments have ruined what was possibly one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Fulham, Bournemouth, West Brom etc this season, it'll be Norwich next season. I hate what the Championship has become. Keep the faith, COYR!!!
  4. I'm sure Meyers debut was against Brum, a fading memory recalls an impressive showing with a couple of efforts from distance that shaved the crossbar (although I could be wrong). I remember being really excited at what might be around the corner - but what did an excitable 12 year old know?
  5. He did something similar - "over celebrating" against us years ago IIRC. Clearly doesn't like us for whatever reason, but then again I don't like him. Anyway from tonight's showing he's past it, slow, on the slide, getting fat and going grey. Have a nice life ya wanchor...
  6. The look on my sons face when Korey netted the winner will stay with me for the rest of my life! What a night...
  7. That sounds like the sort of event that could seriously affect a Sag attendance...
  8. A "bloodthirsty hound" sounds more like Darrell's cup of tea...
  9. My memory is fading as I get older, however I'm sure it was Aizlewood who took out Trevor Francis once upon a time around the halfway line up at Sheff Weds. One of the best fouls I think I've ever seen!
  10. Irrespective of whether he gets away with it or not he KNOWS that everyone KNOWS that he is an absolute ***. TNUC
  11. Sag **** from work just text me "hope we get you in the next round". So obsessed...
  12. Mick Harford, now what a guy that was! Way way way too good for us at that point in time. I absolutely loved him...
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