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  1. Will be missed by many. R.i.p Martin and condolences to all the family
  2. Didn't realise that ex city centre half john mcphail had a fall in December and is still in a coma. Understand they are having a minutes applause at Wembley on 5 minutes tomorrow. Very sad news loved watching him play a no nonsense defender .Best wishes to the family
  3. Don't forget the possession stats that mean f all
  4. Not having that. Player rolling around but doesn't require any treatment surpise
  5. Probably around same age as you .Just started work on yts £23.50 a week must of been my third pay packet and remember walking from work in clifton to the city ground to buy 2 shares then walk home to barton hill. Me mum wasn't too pleased she wasn't getting any housekeep with me £3.50 left over
  6. I remember him playing in goal. Don't ask me who against
  7. Exactly. Klopp played all the kids against villa in the cariboo Cup because they had super cup next game.
  8. If that's what football's about then stick it .Diving cheating b,,@@@
  9. Wouldn't lace the boots of many previous wingers we have had but did well today .
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