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  1. Can remember going to match straight from school and their was loads of um on centre pissed right up . Still got a st mirren badge somewhere that they wanted to swap for me city one.
  2. Yes done them aswell. Wasn't the Northampton game on a Sunday?. I know we had a few there.
  3. Shocking today guess the ex players because you couldn't here who they were.
  4. Pretty sure that was 2011 ipswichgame mate
  5. Great words .exactly how I feel
  6. Don't hold your breath .worse than ever.
  7. Oh no absolutely gutted my favourite city manager .Never recognised by the club for what he done .sadly too late rip.
  8. Why not meet for a drink for the Blackpool game. That would be fun
  9. Didn't he play last game if not last 2 ?
  10. Used it a lot during early 80's .Like previous comment their wasn't much option. Beryl ran the show brilliantly, just phone up and if they had space I jumped on at temple meads. Their always was a few strange un's on board but normally a few that could be relied on if needed tuba and little Ronnie rip were regulars.
  11. The 4th division game when mick harford scored 2 was a bit different.
  12. Rip fellow red .Did like his musical talk. Anyone have a photo of him ,so many city fans you know by face but not name.
  13. basshead


    I was there aswell. He wanted to stop having share holders meetings and put it to a vote and lost but still done it anyway. Like you say he had a bit of a paddy
  14. Pretty sure on park row.
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