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  1. Bentley Hunt Kalas Baker Dasilva Walsh Massengo Nagy Palmer Weimann Wells Oleary, Moore, vyner, Morrell, O’dowda,Paterson, smosmics this is assuming fam and Eliasson are sold, fans saying sell baker he was by far our best CB last season and is our only left footed one at that do if we do go with a 3 , very light up top and without a natural cdm ideally your would strengthen here but can’t see us making any signings or moving any one on, hence why imagine Watkins we’ll
  2. A truly shocking decision, Feel totally let down by our board. 5 weeks to appoint the number two of the manager you just sacked as you believed he couldn’t take us to the next level. no logic to that whatsoever and as a fan we just have to accept this total incompetence . Broken Dissoluted supporter right now!
  3. In disbelief at what a terrible appointment this is, and angry as a fan you just have to accept this just so disappointed
  4. How depressing, seriously though that is beyond stupidity! For f*#k sake
  5. Disappointing I was hoping for houghton!
  6. Have a horrible feeling that we will be appointing a cheap uninspired appointment.
  7. So deflating watching this city team especially at Ashton gate , hoping that landsdown and co make the right call in the summer and let Johnson go, will never be serious promotion contenders with him At the helm,To individual to indecisive no direction with tactics and personal, can’t and shouldn’t continue.
  8. Best - Andy Cole Worst - John Burns !
  9. Sky reporting that forest are interested now . Hope we are not planning of leaving it to the last minute with this one as see other clubs getting him .
  10. Would choose wells over Taylor . So hopefully it will happen contract length and wage depending.
  11. As things stand Don’t really see Nagy as a upgrade on Pack , Smith isn’t fit and missed, Massengo is good but very inconsistent understandable given age, and when brownhill plays in a two It limits the best part of his game.
  12. Johnson really has got us in to a dire situation and clearly can’t get it sorted couldn’t get a win a against a average league one team over to games, a huge disappointment for the club and more importantly the fans a home tie in the FA cup against the current European champions doesn’t come round very often and We blew it , really can’t see how he can defend himself. nowhere to hide Lee your time is up and overdue!
  13. This is difficult to listen to at the moment!
  14. GO! please SL see the light. It’s so bad!
  15. I can never see us being consistent enough to have a genuine promotion season under Johnson. Ok we are making progress every season under him and some fans are happy with it, the results like luton , Wigan, Barnsley massively frustrating as you feel a more astute manager would of found a way to overcome and grind out the results which is what we are lacking under His leadership. Give him this season if we don’t manage to make the playoffs it’s a case thanks and goodbye for me !
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