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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/23/england-phil-neville-accuses-cameroon-shaming-football Reports of Cameroonian 'entourage' fighting in the VIP area and at Englands Hotel - would not be drawn on specifics. Referee said to be too afraid to rule against Cameroon for fear for her own safety. It would seem this team and officials were not going to play nice regardless of VAR.
  2. Australian Womens Football (W-League) is free-to-air on SBS (the ultimate left-wing unicorn channel) live at 3pm Saturday afternoon. It's terrible. I remember sitting through 30 mins of a game where the ball was in one half as literally nobody from one team could kick it hard enough against a moderate wind to clear the halfway line. The crowd was less than 300. The A-League (mens) is non-league, bottom L2 at best, and the W-League genuinely is downs team level. To be clear - this is not their fault - there has been little to no investment in womens football up until 8-10 yrs ago. It's not even semi-pro. They are coming from a long way back - having it on TV just reinforces that fact. To be paid the same as Ronaldo et al at the WC , and live on TV really is too much too soon for a game that most people walking their dog by it would ignore. Of course there should be Womens football, but the product, at least here in Australia is not at a level anywhere near high enough to demand any remuneration outside of expenses incurred let alone the same as the World Cup Prize Money. Which can be said for 90% of the teams involved in the WWC. Let the game grow, give it support in the form of professional coaches, fitness staff, paid leave from their day jobs etc and get the standard up before making ludicrous attempts to get the same prizemoney as Mens football which has been evolving for 150 yrs. These things take time (sounds familiar...) 2p
  3. It's alright lads, the Yanks are coming..... 23 May 2019 10:55:52 BRFC - Watch out for take over bid coming soon. Dwane Sports in talks with hospitality company Hyatt Hotels Corporation. The American company are about to take over a major Bristol Hotel and are keen to promote Bristol as a major world tourism destination. Exciting times. briznews The only take over will be tents being burnt, Santa being evicted and decent food being served in a new Hyatt Hotel where the Mem used to be. I honestly give Rovers 6 - 7 months to find new owners or be put into Administration. They have one player to sell who will generate some cash (JCH) and the ground. The Arabs simply don't have the money to pay the ongoing weekly bills. Once PP was turned down for the Colony - they were screwed - and as they 'only' earned £39,000,000 last year and have a bank and hotel to run out of that - they can't afford the £65,000 per week losses at BRFC. It's sell up or close Rovers for good. I'm serious - BRFC may well be gone for ever this year.
  4. Agree with @Olé - it does seem the ones shouting the loudest in the papers and the net (not on here) are generally people that have never been further east than Paris! Whilst deeply impoverished rurally in general - the people themselves in the old 'East' are welcoming and generous. There is always a bed to be found and a hot meal offered to a traveller who has missed a train/bus etc. The major cities have their own unique history, but have suffered from regional and world conflicts, but the heritage remains, if you care enough to ask to see it. Of course it's not central London, but why go to Eastern Europe if that's what you are after? I started going firstly to Romania in the Nicolae Ceausescu era (1980's) and whilst the regime sucked, the people were 99% wonderfully welcoming. The same applies to Bulgaria,Hungary and Poland. Latvia,Lithuania and Estonia were delightful - Coastal Estonia was breathtaking - and still is. My point is that if we viewed the AREA by Western 'standards' then it appears 'inferior' from afar. It really isn't - and the people are a damned sight nicer than most Westerners. Give Eastern Europe a thought for your next holiday - if you go for history, culture and with an open mind, you'll have a much better time than the usual alcohol ruined Med resort holidays (which sadly is spreading to some Eastern Europe capital cities). I'm sure the 12,000 football fans who go, if respectful of people, property and culture, will have a great time, with no issues.
  5. Best: Arsenal 0 - 1 City Worst WHU 5 - 0 City on a wet Tuesday night and being attacked by about 500 skinheads. We took 1 coach. Thought we were all going to die.
  6. Great business by the club - but how many City players were seriously talking to their agents in the last couple of weeks about following LK's trajectory? JDS - played as well as LK - he must be Prem bound Kalas - immense this season, lots of Champ promotions to the Prem - he will want top flight football this year. The scouts that have been at AG this year must have seen how good Webster was. The lad will get a prem offer Others with a chance of an upwards move - regardless of fee - Elliason,Brownhill and yes, even Fammy. Fammy got what 12 in 32? Extrapolate that over a full season - he scores 16. He also missed 7 or 8 absolute sitters that Nichols would have scored some of them. I personally don't blame Fammy - all year alone up top, often double teamed by big blokes - he must have been absolutely knackered and sore every game. It's easy to bag the bloke, but if you are really tired and sore you are going to make errors. Play him with a partner to take some heat off - he coverts most of those as he will be fresher - 20+ goals would have been realistic. Prem clubs will have noticed that. LJ said 6 or 7 in. Maybe he knows we will be losing the 4 above and the 2 loanees don't want to stay in the Champ - at least not with us. It's not like the other players won't have known LK was off - medicals, background checks, wages etc would have been discussed ages ago. I hope not, but maybe they have deals in the pipeline,just waiting to happen. We could get a lot more ££ in - but would need pretty much another rebuild. Unless Baker,Wright,Moore,Vyner, Semenayo etc are the replacements. I hope not, I hope we have our business pretty much ready to go with new signings to be announced. SL may see things differently to us though and suggest it's time the 'ones for the future' to pay their way. I think LJ would seriously consider his future here if we don't buy proven quality players. Very interesting week coming up.
  7. He could get permanent residency in 3 months, and citizenship in 1 yr. I don't see why he couldn't play?
  8. He'd do well here - easily good enough for 3 yrs at this level. Money isn't too bad Plus he hasn't played for Italy, so with the appropriate paperwork could even get into the Australian Squad. If he has an offer, he'd be mad not to take it
  9. The stunning thing to me in that article is that Davis, before his death, wrote off £198,000,000 of debt owed to him. Yet in the article and comments some complain he still left them with another £20,000,000 of debt! What, £198 million of debt just paid off wasn't enough? I think the fans have the club they deserve if that's the case - after Davis generosity, the debt that needs to be cleared to carry on to seasons end is £1,500,000 to the players and £80,000 per month for staff/maintenance on the off-season. They have only paid for 2 players in the last 4 years. A total of £200,000 The main issue seems to be that no-one is going to the games - 10,000 season ticket holders, but only 4,000 attendees. Poor football is blamed by fans as the reason.So no food, beer, shirt, pie sales etc - stuff that easily cover the £80,000 It would seem then, that if someone was willing to throw in £3,000,000 to cover wages and admin until next season, the they would have a shot. The fans then need to decide if they want a club. If so, buy a season ticket and eat and drink at the ground, plus use its facilities socially. They really aren't terminally ill - it's just a 'perfect storm' that the club just can't cover at this moment in time. Thanks to Eddie Davies their debt has dropped from £200,000,000 to £20,000,000 - and they own their ground. Someone out there must be interested in buying a new stadium, hotel, pub and shops for £20 million and leasing them back surely? 100 yr lease to the club - peppercorn rent for 5 yrs to let them stabilise and increase from there. The EFL have to take a lot of blame for a tax-dodger like Anderson to be allowed to take over Bolton. He's the one that has caused this mess. Anderson has withdrawn funding, lives in tax-exile and has no intention of paying the debts his business has run up. He is under no obligation of course, to spend his money on a Football Club, even though no-one forced him to buy it. He does have an obligation to pay his employees though surely? And now Bessini - you couldn't make it up.
  10. Good points, well made. O'Driscoll in particular did some very heavy lifting behind the scenes to move our club forward. It was very remiss of me not to recognise the effort he made in that area. Thanks for reminding me. It's also greatly appreciated that this thread is an example of how OTIB can express views and suggestions on such an important subject. There have been some really good posts and idea's thrown around, without decending to bickering and abuse. Thanks to all. Except the usual suspect........
  11. Fees alone are over 5 mil Coaching, wages, accomodation, etc etc - it would be close. Still, nice to see debate being on topic!
  12. What an immature,sad, spiteful 'man' you are. Grow up, you attention-seeking oxygen-thief.
  13. First off - will done Lee Johnson. I had significant doubts and was happy to see him sacked. It's clear now that he has the potential to be a highly successful manager. Well done to most of the players - some are absolutely out on their feet - but still trying. Some are totally raw, but giving it their all. Some are utterly frustrated with their role and not playing - but are staying quiet and persevering in the 'two's' until they get a chance. Some will not be here next year, but have not complained about extended loans, or playing with the kids. It points to a settled managerial style, with any bad elements removed. This has to be down to LJ and JM. It's been a long, long time since one of our lot was in the papers for the wrong reason - and if they were, they went. What now? I think this is the moment that will define the future of our club. The Lansdowns If Lansdown will not spend big (as FFP is firmly now on our side) then there are only 2 reasons. 1) He doesn't want promotion and is intending to sell OR 2) He does not have 100% faith in LJ and the recruitment team The logical outcome will be new owners or a new manager, as LJ will not and cannot stay after his presser, where he has basically demanded to be funded. It is however, a double edged sword Recruitment Team There has been a slew of articles about the detail LJ goes into about his preparation for signings and games. The drones, the software, the grass-measuring. But someone, somewhere is getting it wrong. Established Players. For every Kalas and Webster there has been a Diony or Kent. Why is this? Surely we are conducting social media checks? Background checks, family interviews (ala Tammy)? Diony's in particular read like a horror show regarding his mental state, and Kents previous loan was a disaster. Yet we went ahead,signed them, and blew the play-offs. This year - nothing except recalling an unproven loanee - was that lack of faith in the system by SL and MA or a deliberate ploy to have a go next year? The outcome - more extensive checks on established proven players before committing to a deal. If there are no suitable players available - say that. We tried - we had the money, the DNA was found to be wrong so we walked away. That is EXCELLENT management. Not lack of ambition. Bit-Part Players I really don't understand the thinking around this particular group of players. If they were not good enough - why were they kept on? Defensively:To me - Da Silva, Pisano, Kalas, Kelly, Webster and Hunt were more than enough. Bailey Wright, albeit a loyal servant, and Baker are surplus - who decided, at considerable equity value and wages, to keep them on? Midfield - Pack, Brownhill and Paterson were run ragged throughout the year, yet Morrell, Walsh, O'Dowda, Watkins and Hegeler (remember him - the Top Flight German chap) were never even considered for more than 2 games at a go. Palmers loan was just baffling as he never started more than 1 game (I believe). We need to be more ruthless. Play them or move them on. Pack has needed a break for 2 months - with Korey out, Pack had to be interchanged - I'd imagine not sleeping with a young bub at home ain't helping. Forwards: - Fammy has been smashed all year as a lone power-forward. he must be battered from head to toe yet still scored 26 from 72 starts at City despite being subbed off TWENTY SEVEN times. A good effort.He is as exhausted as Pack. Weimann - put him as a central top - two and he scores for fun - 9 goals. Out wide, well not so good. Taylor is better than Taylor actually thinks he is - but really until he gets a solid run, won't believe in himself. I really think this is why Taylor is a world-class shit-housery champion - he simply does not believe he belongs in the Championship. He has only started 23 times, yet been subbed in or out SIXTY TIMES - hence the paltry 6 goals. This is the same guy who scored 16 in 27 in League 1 - he can play. He needs to believe it. Outside those 3 we rely on the odd goal from midfield. Which ain't happening too often. It was obvious from pre-season we were 2 strikers short - especially after the Djuric/Engvall fiasco's. So again - who is calling the shots? If the coaches deem them not good enough - pay out their contracts if the players are willing, seek out a loan so they get game time, or simply sell them. Something is wrong here - seriously. Is it a power-struggle between coaches (unlikely), is it interference by Ashton or is it plain bad recruitment? Is it signing players to be seen to be doing something rather than signing no-one? The Outcome: Either LJ is signing the wrong player for the role he wants them to play OR The recruitment team aren't doing their homework properly OR Some signings are not of LJ's choice. The answer is simple - LJ must clearly identify the role he wants a player to play in the team, and the recruitment team must deliver a shortlist who 100% fit that role. No more 'clubs in the bag'. No more trying to force a player into another role and hope we have another Reid type fluke. LJ and JM must recieve a quality list of proven strikers from a UK or European club. A history of scoring over more than 2 or 3 years. At a minimum. Djuric was a prime example - 7 in 14 for Bosnia sounded incredible - but when you look closely he played for Cesena when they were in Serie B (he was loaned out when they went up and re-signed after relegation the next year) and only scored 23 in ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE GAMES. Injury or not, that was never enough to be a 20+ Championship scorer, as his 5 in 22 in Serie B for Salernitana indicate. His international Goals were against Wales + Cyprus,in the Euro qualifiers, Luxembourg in a friendly and Japan and Denmark (sounds good) but in the Kirin Cup - a competition literally made by a Japanese brewery as a 'friendly' invitation-only promotional competition. Who did their homework? As for Engvall - god knows. The point remains - we CANNOT go forward without much better diligence One's for the Future Joseph Wollacott, Aden Baldwin Hakeeb Adelakun Sam Pearson Mohamed Eisa Antoine Semenyo Hakeeb Adelakun Taylor Moore Zac Vyner Rory Holden Opi Edwards Jake Andrew Connor Lemonheigh-Evans Saikou Janneh George Dowling Smith (x 2) Nurse, Morton, Richards,Hinds The failed Bakinson transfer How many millions of ££ have the club blown here? At least £10,000,000. We bought some of these, if not most, and have invested considerable time and money. Joe Bryan, and a very lucky 1 yr wonder season from Bobby Reid leave an absolute ton of pressure on Kelly, Vyner, Semenyo, Janneh and Moore to become 1st team regulars (I still don't count Kelly as a nailed on starter) to even begin to balance the books. Adelakun,Eisa and Moore cost £5,000,000 - result Zero. They are not kids anymore. Much younger players are playing week in week out in the Premier league. We cannot compete with Prem Teams for yound kids - so we need to stop going for £1,500,000 punts and FOCUS. We have had kids literally under our nose who are playing regular 1st team football - and playing very well. We have Kelly here - probably best of the bunch. Moore at Southend may well be relegated this weekend - the same guy who made it to England U-20 level and was subject to a 10,000,000 Euros bid from Lyon in 2016. He has played 5 games for us, and 83 games out on loan Vyner has been relegated at Rotherham - and become a bit of a whipping boy. He has played 8 games for us and looked good - so we have loaned him out for 64 games. Eisa cost £1,500,000 to play 5 games and disappear. Hakeeb Adelakun, who after a pretty unremarkable 139 game 16 goal career at Scunthorpe was bought for an alleged £1,000,000 to also play 5 games and disappear. The Outcome This is the big problem - lets be real here - yes we may get get lucky and produce 2 or 3 players from above who will, at best balance this years books. At worst, Kelly will have had his head turned and leave for a fee which may look good now, but be awfully cheap in 3 yrs and cost us 100+ games. The money wasted on the rest would pay (as an example) for KALAS, DA SILVA and PALMER should they decide to join. Obviously we need to sign up young kids - that's not an issue - academy kids come and go all the time. It's the fact we pay money - even back to good old Arnie Garita. That was funny at the time, yeah? NO It was an example of a piss poor organisation having to pay £50,000 plus 2 yrs wages and accomodation to a guy to keep Kodjia company. BCFC couldn't find a french speaker for free in Bristol? An amateur player? No we decided to pay the best part of £250,000 on Arnie. To Talk to JK. This has to stop. No more 'punts'. Whoever was responsible for these signings need to leave. Spend the money on securing the best local kids, better junior coaches, and identifying a young hungry player ( @Harry may have a view on this!) and sign him. No more 20 - 23 yr olds who have had average careers and might make it - stock up on academy kids, and buy really good young players for whatever they cost. And then play them. A complete overhaul of our development setup is needed. A thorough review of any young player suggested as a signing over a long period pre-signing with the minimum requirement being that the player be Premier League Standard within 12 months. Otherwise, what is the point. Cull the list - Vyner, Moore, Jahheh, Semenyo and Woolacott stay - I'd release the rest. AND LEARN NOT TO DO IT AGAIN. Conclusion: LJ must learn a few more things. Stability in position and partnership means more stability overall. Kalas and Webster should never have been separated. Play 2 specialist strikers at home every time. Be clear on who you want in, and who you want out - and stick to it. Stop the Tombola when you lose a couple. Stick to what served you well. LJ and JM must have 100% authority over every aspect of the team - no interference from Ashton or The Lansdowns. Lee Johnson has earned his chance. Lansdown needs to back him, and step back. If he fails with 100% control, then LJ will walk I'd suspect. If SL won't back him - then Lansdown needs to sell-up, and LJ needs to find a new job. Most L1 clubs would take him if they had the chance, and I suspect there is a big Championship club with an owner that wants to spend who would consider LJ if he quits. So here we go boys and girls - next year in the Championship (as much as I'd like to think play-offs are a go - they really aren't in truth) - we will either have LJ's well funded hand-picked squad of new players, and some new backroom staff... Or LJ will have walked and SL will have confirmed his intentions for our club to change hands. Either way - next season shapes up as the one that will define us as a Football Club for years to come.
  14. SX227


    He doesn't want promotion. He wants to sell. Got his money back after building and selling all those lovely houses and offices. He will make a fortune selling BS, the stadiums and the re-zoned land. Which was the plan all along.
  15. We know. For some bizarre reason whilst you were at AG you posted 14 times about it. During the game. Seems a really strange thing to do during a football match, argue on a forum about a foul, then post a video online, rather than watch the game you were at.
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