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  1. Damn. Buster was a guest at our house more than once. A true gent who bled Red and White RIP - the club really needs to name an area of AG in his honour. Condolences to his family
  2. I feel so sorry for younger fans (and of course moreso for his family and friends) - but I just feel incredibly sad that they never had the chance to watch Norman Hunter OR Gerry Gow in our red and white. Watching those two made football so special. Warriors. They made their team-mates walk taller, and both were very,very fine players. I would urge all of our younger fans to scour you-tube and social media and try to find whole games when those guys played, not just highlight reels. They played every second of every game to the best of their abilities and are a loss to the game, and our history. RIP Norman, and give Frannie Lee another one when you next meet.
  3. And that probably explains why your death rate has hit 12%. The worst death rate in a 'Western' country. Fordy is a Police Officer, surely as frontline staff he is entitled to a test? If not, then no wonder the UK is screwed. Seriously? He can't have one?
  4. You need to go and get medical assistance or at least a test asap Fordy. No Joke.
  5. Not much social distancing going on here...... https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/premier-league/teams/manchester-city/premier-league-kyle-walker-sex-party-with-escorts-news-coronavirus-manchester-city/news-story/17d1f639d12f1568bb4b5c7217fd1202
  6. Why does moderator Gashead1981 refer to him as Brian or BSS in many posts then? Not arguing, just asking a question. G1981 is Waels best mate, so he seems, so he would know surely? Happy for you to divulge his alter-ego if you know different?
  7. PessimistGas Joined: May 2014 Posts: 1,256 yesterday at 7:33am via mobile JeffNZ, kingswood Polak, and 3 more like this Quote Post by PessimistGas on yesterday at 7:33am At least with no footy on we have this never-ending soap opera to keep us entertained. I'm hooked. Like an even more sh*t comedy version of Eastenders. Unpicking this web of intrigue, farce, back stabbing, misdirection, smoke and mirrors, rank incompetence, deluded fantasies and shattered dreams will keep future club historians busy for decades - except there probably won't be a club. **** sake.
  8. gasheadbatesy First Team Posts: 878 Posting Level Next Level in 122 posts 2 hours ago via mobile Quote Post by gasheadbatesy on 2 hours ago 6 hours ago gasincider said: 8 hours ago gasheadbatesy said: You have no credibility, you never back up any of your claims and your claims are more damaging than helpful in uniting a fan base. You spout so much but say very little. Do you think ( you must do but won’t fess up) the supporters club are innocent in ALL this? Ha ha ha. I've no credibility. I don't give a toss about credibility. If you don't like what I post ignore it. Meanwhile back in the real world,nothing I say can damage the club. What our owners are doing can destroy it. Think: New Stadium Training ground £25m debt No application made to either Bristol CC or South Gloucester Council by the football club for help in identifying a site to hopefully get permission to build a stadium. Bristol Live and GT several attempts to get Wael on line for an interview. The absolute nonsense spouted by Wael when we were at Blackpool which Put up the value of the Fruit Market site Solution: Get rid of SH and KM. As for the last question, what do they need to be innocent of? Drawing attention to the way the club is run? Yes they are guilty. They should have raised it a long time ago. If I have a complaint about the running of the S/c its that they haven't been as forthright as I would have been. Perhaps I should apply for the job. If you have something to say then say it. Stop being a pleb. A wum, a self indulgent **** about things and ####ing speak up in proper ####ing English. You are as big a problem as the problem. You want us to go against the owners as much as your twisted mates. You start the protest as you know what it is all about. ‘Engage, ignite,’ Supportters club ain’t supporting. Why isn’t every supporter being told **** all from the supporters club representative since year ...... Is that acceptable gas inside your own asset? Start the rovers revolution. Spill it,
  9. If you didn't know, Gasincider is Brian Seymore-Smith. This is frickin brilliant - watching this lot throw shite at each other like chimps at a tea party while parts of the world are dying like flies. The gift.
  10. jungleboogie Reserve Team Posts: 236 Posting Level Next Level in 264 posts 12 hours ago Quote Post by jungleboogie on 12 hours ago 12 hours ago gasincider said: 12 hours ago jungleboogie said: Gasincider, can I ask why you continue to spout your 'ITK' nonsense on social media platforms, yet when you're asked to back it up, and go on Gascast to let everyone know what you are allegedly privy to, you run for the hills, and chicken out? Bit like here really, someone asks you to back up your claims, but you just disappear for a week or two, and hope that everyone's forgotten by the time you come back. Your not very bright are you. Maybe, but imagine being know as a massive ********.
  11. Big Jock Club Legend Posts: 2,508 Awards Posting Level Next Level in 492 posts 12 hours ago philbemmygas, gregsgas, and 2 more like this Quote Post by Big Jock on 12 hours ago At a time when normal folk (you know us peasants) don't know if they are gonna lose loved ones, whether theys will have a job in th near future, when some folk are literally worried sick about what lies ahead.... .....th so called important people at our football club, supporters club, presidents club, ITKer's et al - you know th same ones who have been silent for months an months not giving a fucck about letting us know anything all decide ta communicate with th supporters, and on top of that actually tell us fucck all as per usual.... .... your timing says more about you than yer words .........
  12. RoverDrive Moderator Posts: 3,517 Posting Level Next Level in 1483 posts 14 hours ago Quote Post by RoverDrive on 14 hours ago GI is a knob.
  13. gashead1981 Moderator Posts: 3,048 Posting Level Next Level in 1952 posts 5 hours ago via mobile Quote Post by gashead1981 on 5 hours ago 5 hours ago gasincider said: 6 hours ago dragonfly said: The alleged non delivery of Supporters share certificates/Receipts would be a serious issue which may be Fraudulent. Nice to see someone is paying attention. It could well be it. By the way moderators, I do think that any moderator calling a contributor a **** should at least be made to give up his moderating role. If it was factually incorrect I might well be inclined to do something about it Brian. RD has tonight come off being a mod. See that was his last hurrah. And what a way to go. Feel free to hit the complain button to see if another mod will assist you.
  14. Hugo the Elder Gas Posts: 11,702 Posting Level 6 hours ago via mobile Gassy, GasHeadBlues, and 2 more like this Quote Post by Hugo the Elder on 6 hours ago 6 hours ago LJG said: 8 hours ago gasincider said: If this thread wasn't so serious this comment would be laughable. KM was removed with no reason given. Malicious prosecution? But on a more serious note, I hope to god nothing criminal has gone on, and I would like to think nothing has. If it's to do with the inept way the club is being run well that's something else. I ******* hate you as a poster. You and your fantasist SC mates. I hate your continually poisonous bullshit on here and anywhere you can spread it. Why don't you all **** off and club together to buy Larkhall FC so you can live out your Walter Mitty dreams of being football club owners and leave BRFC alone you deluded, self promoting, circle-w**king, dinosaurs. Dont sugar coat it. Say what's on your mind.
  15. Feeling The Blues Fans' Favourite Posts: 1,245 Posting Level Next Level in 255 posts 7 hours ago Quote Post by Feeling The Blues on 7 hours ago 7 hours ago RoverDrive said: 7 hours ago Feeling The Blues said: Thick, violent and a shithead then. Where have a threatened violence? I just wanted to offer an opportunity to come out from behind that keyboard you pathetic little ****. You're everything that's wrong with the Internet today. Coming on here thinking you can say whatever you like whilst hiding behind your keyboard. You are an utterly pathetic individual. Look in the mirror ********, you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  16. The person doing the threatening is actually a MODERATOR - Roverdrive. You couldn't make it up - moderators offering to fight posters. Only The Roverzzzzzsss eh
  17. Quick answer - 'Spanish Flu' was believed to originate in Texas from WW1 vets - of hispanic origin. Healthcare was non-existent as the war crippled millions upon millions of troops and civillians - anti-biotics were just being invented. Spanish Flu killed between 50 - 100 million worldwide As with COViD 19 - the figures here will be vague - did the old lady die from the virus or her 25 yrs of asthma damage? Unless tested you'll never know, and we don't have enough kits for the living let alone the dead. In Western Europe - the answer is simply - no. There is enough healthcare to limit the damage - but 250,000 dead would not be unexpected at the end. USA will be lethal for the uninsured and highly populated poor countries like India and Pakistan, African nations will be decimated. I would honestly expect the toll in those countries to be in the millions by the end - but again, we will never know for sure. 3rd world, poor Islamic countries will be the worst as they simply will not adhere to any kind of instruction if it involves Allah. Iran probably has 100,000 dead (again we will never know, but videos and satellite imagery shows over-flowing morgues and vast areas of pits and piles of lime......) - but again, led by the lunatic Imans Iranians have attacked and overpowered security and massed at religions sites to kiss icons one after the other in their thousands. It's suicide frankly, but thats religion for you. So, overall I'd say 'Western' level healthcare countries with strong social control over the population movement will do the best (although look at you guys in the pubs, and us Australians having to put armed troops on beaches to stop the ####### idiots massing in the thousands) Next level - USA Then semi-developed nations like Mexico,Georgia,Thailand Bottom of the pile - as I said above, poor countries that put religion above health care. The death toll WILL be in the millions by the end in those places. For the Wealthy west, after the virus, prepare for the worst poverty since WW2. We have now have had to put armed Police in Supermarkets as workers have been stabbed and assaulted, and pensioners bashed in the car parks. Some f uckwit stole all boxes of sanitiser and 90% of our high-protection masks from Theatre/ICU stores yesterday. I am currently working using the same mask with sanitary menstrual pads changed every case. I'm not a real fan of people at the moment - this is really bringing out the worst in some. One of our nurses was bashed unconcious because she wouldn't let someone with a cough and temp into ICU before staff and security could get to her. 24 years old, probably infected and sick herself, and now needs plates and screws to put her face back together, before her missing teeth can be put back. Trying to help people. I honestly despair at society today. Sorry - I'm tired and pissed off. I'm back again working tonight, but I can say that we do appear to have slowed the virus here (just slowed it) - but if our PM grew a pair and implemented full lockdown for 6-8 weeks, we could actually stop it. I have little confidence he will. I need sleep. I'll answer anymore questions when I get some time (if anyone cares!)
  18. But,but,but - I posted live Penguin Cam! Who doesn't love Penguins? And the Leopards do move now and again...
  19. Enjoy live Penguin and Snow Leopard streams.Great to pop up if you are stuck at home, and all live from Melbourne. Enjoy!
  20. Others have had it twice. Japanese and Chinese patients.
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/17/there-is-a-policy-of-surrender-doctor-on-uks-covid-19-failures Australia has run out of kits but 100,000 more expected tonight. No gatherings indoors of 100+ people - so pubs etc have a 4m exclusion zone plan!! Borders closed to most travellers My son who is doing his masters cannot get to Uni, go on his placement and has now lost his job as he was Cinema duty manager to supplement his income whilst studying. My wife teaches international students and expects to be laid off indefinately next week. I'm expecting 14 day straight 12 hr shifts on ventilated patients any day. The hospital don't have enough kits to test any of us, unless we show symptoms, which by then will be too late. A lot of the staff feel we are probably killing some of the people we are supposed to be trying to help, as we haven't been tested, and access has been denied, unless we manage to buy one from abroad. Bloody ridiculous.
  22. 113 deaths in Iran in 24 hrs 368 Italian deaths in last 24 hrs. Hospitals are running out of ventilators, and sadly 90% of those on them will die. I think Italy has something like 1700 patients being ventilated for more than 7 days on ECMO - the chance of recovery is very slim. Because of its complexity and risk, ECMO is most often used as a last resort in patients suffering massive lung failure, heart failure, the effects of massive infection such as sepsis or pneumonia. Doctors have lowered the max age for use of ventilators to 55 in Northern Italy. Guys I work in Anaesthetics. It's bad over in both those countries, and the rest of Europe and the Middle East are catching up fast- which is why I really doubt the Chinese info.
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