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  1. Just heard about this. Didn't see it on news here. No words really. As a parent, I cannot fathom how anyone could do this. Put them in Gen Pop. Job Done.
  2. Another one who doesn't get it. Wally didn't 'write-off' £18 million - he converted it to a charge against the Mem. When it's sold - and in terms Gasheads understand - Wally gets all his money back, owns the 'value' of all the players, and a nice new developable 'training quarters' Bristol Rovers FC own NOTHING. Bit like us.
  3. Very astute. Have a sniff around the Lansdown 'philanthropic' works in Africa. Funnily, whilst working to promote better water to locals (and very needed) there happened to be a find of oil / gas / gemstone deposits/insert as you dig around. Luckily the Govt involved included mining rights along with the licence to dig for water. And grants to aid the infrastructure. Including mining projects. Start with Noka Farms and the African renewable energy fund. You will see the same names if you look carefully. Then check those people, and see what they do........ What, you think City went to Botswana to sell shirts?
  4. Goodness, this seems familiar. If only someone had posted this exact same stuff, ooh, say 2 weeks ago...
  5. Spot on While they have no 'religious' Police in Qatar - which means a slightly looser policing of any religious slights (intentional or otherwise)- there is zero tolerance on public drinking, or being drunk in public. Designated areas only for drinking - stray from there, and a very unpleasant stay in the local lock-up awaits. You will go to prison. Make no mistake, being pissed up and wandering around Doha with your mates and chanting and singing gets you a one-way ticket to a red hot cell with 30 locals and a hole in the floor to shit in. Drink if you must in the designated areas - get a cab or hotel bus back to your hotel I can see some serious problems in Doha, with the locals, and Police. The embassy will not be able to get you out of there quickly - it's a Muslim country and alcohol is tightly controlled - and is seen as insulting the prophet by many. Lot of people are going to have a very unpleasant experience if they act as if its just 'another away game' If you can't stay off the beer - don't go. You can find yourself getting sent down for a few years - and middle-eastern prisons are not the place Westerners want to be in.
  6. I did say 'respectfully' and 'not aimed at you'. Sorry for any offence.
  7. Very. Less than SL - he is 1205 on Forbes wealthiest on the planet, but they are still in worldwide business. SL is only involved in 'philanthropic' business in Africa as far as I know. With benefits of course. Why do you think City went on a tour there not so long ago The exposure of prem TV advertising, in a base that provides so many income streams, with scenarios that I decribed above makes the whole thing a great deal. Think of another 'prem club in waiting' in an affluent area with so much land to develop. Plus the pull with the council should the new owners decide to base some parts of their businesses in bristol. That all I'm going to say, and I expect a phone call giving me a bollocking within the next day or two. Its east to work out, if you see the big picture. It's been going on for longer. The tour to USA was only part of it. It's just been the timing - brexit etc etc
  8. Both - current will get a great price New - increased income when all streams of potential profit come online. 500 million people worldwide watching BCFC v Man Utd with the new owners name plastered everywhere is such a coup. The new guys should have the sports arm self-sufficient - with prem Football, but the business side is the real deal.
  9. My understanding is all - save for a stake in the Bears for SL. Jon in Bermuda is managing to sub-divide property. Having lived in Bermuda - that takes serious 'influence' - people have to live there 20 yrs to qualify to apply to become 'citizens'. To get PP - Jon must have some serious clout - Houses are extorbitant, more than enough to make a living, a great living, if he can sub-divide on a regular basis. Jon's no Mug, despite what some people think.
  10. Respectfully - Bristol Sport isn't the selling point. It's the already constructed homes, those with PP approval, and the land awaiting PP approval. Bears are break even - the Flyers are an irrelevancy - they were the 'excuse' for a 5000 seater , much bigger 'walk around' indoor venue. The money there is for presentations, shows, conventions, concerts etc. It can be used 300 days a year minimum. The football in the championship isn't an attraction - but to a new owner - think USA and Chinese interest here, the carrot of a team ready made for the prem, with a stadium easy to expand to 35,000 is a part of it too. The hotels, bars, boxes, shops etc will see income sky rocket - and with prem TV money. I struggle to comprehend (not aimed at you) how people constantly fail to separate the Football from the package as a whole. People aren't buying BCFC - they are buying a package of land, houses, offices, venues, hotels - with a brand new stadium om the middle which can host 3 games a week across 2 codes, hold multiple concerts, functions in 2 venues 300 days a week, and hold business meetings in boxes watching City v Arsenal or Bristol Bears v Bath. Plus Failand, and other holdings that the Lansdown family has. The new owners want to do a deal with company 'x' - so they invite the chairman / ceo, a well known Chelsea fan to Bristol via private jet. Limo to the penthouse suite on the top floor of the new hotel overlooking the Suspension Bridge. Dinner in the CBD - working lunch to talk business on Saturday morning - retire to luxury box to watch City v Chelsea. All the deals can be tied up by the accountants and lawyers who lease suites in the new office tower (pp pending). A one-stop shop. Meanwhile - a 5000 concert in the Flyers arena, bars open, take-aways doing business (all in the pending plans) - quick clean up - Bears on Sunday, another concert Sun night. During the week - there will be literally hundreds of spaces to rent for meetings, presentations, weddings - anything really in the stadium, offices, hotels, and stadium. Thats what is for sale - not Bristol City. And the attraction with City is only in the Prem. To be sold for max gain for SL - BCFC must be in a solid, realistic position to go up to the Prem. The new owners will happily splash out, as TV money, sponsorship from multinational companies and interest in their own countries vis TV rights etc will be huge - plus quite simply, the exposure for the new owners will be enormous. The big prem owners didn't buy the clubs for the football. They bought it for the business the exposure gets them, the non-match revenue, and as a place to do business. And in the Prem - the TV and sponsorship covers most of the cost. I hope that explains things much better. It's not about BCFC - it's the whole package. Buyers are waiting - relegation is not an option. I know for a fact 2 other people know the names of 2 of the interested parties - they can step up if they want. 1 Chinese with a growing international presence in their field, 1 from USA, also known in their field but not one of the big players. Both looking to change that. 12 - 24 month time frame. All to be sold - though I believe the current owner wishes to retain a minority stake in the Bears. Source is impeccable, and is in the correct circles to know, been around since Harry and Marina's time - close friends with both and attended Marinas birthday in July.
  11. My take from that: 1) NP has been unwell - and much worse than admitted - for a while. 2) The club will give him time to decide his future, but before the Jan window so a new guy can do his own dealings re: players - so maybe 6 weeks time for a decision 3) The 'press conference' was to find a leak. The leak has been found. As far as SL is concerned - relegation is NOT an option, any replacement will be of the highest calibre available - if they want to come. If NP is able to come back - he will be given as much backing as possible in the Jan window to stay up and push on next year. If NP is up for it, he will be given as much backing as LJ was. Relegation this season is not an option for so many reasons. I'm sure either way - we all wish NP the best moving forward Those wishing ill of him, or suggesting it is all made up regarding his illness - give your bloody head a wobble.
  12. Not without exposing someone - so no.
  13. Some of you might be surprised by what's on the way. A few of you know. The next 24 months will be huge - one way or another.
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