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  1. I posted the sad emoji to some comments - simply because I cannot believe how desperate his wife must be to accept this behaviour. I can only assume (and I shouldn't) that it's because of the children (keeping the 'family unit' together) or she is so afraid of him, that she dropped the complaint (as there seems to be no doubt a 999 call was made). I can only feel such deep pity and sadness that a woman has to live like this in 2021 in a 'civilized' country. If it's fear - surely there must be restraining orders - and with the money that is within the family, she should be able to hide safely until the law does its thing. If it's to keep the family together - I can tell you now from a friend, that seeing your dad beat the living daylights out of your mum has lifelong consequences - she is better with the kids and supervised visits from Dad. If she's dropping it to keep in the 'good life' - I honestly don't know what to think about her. How much money is worth the odd black-eye? A Bloodied nose? I really hope that's not the case. If it is - the children are better off away from both of them in all honesty. Hopefully the Police can find CCTV and charge Barton accordingly - and throw the book at him. I honestly can't think why a woman would stand there covered in her own blood, after calling the Police, and then when they arrive, say she made it up? It has to be fear of Barton surely? What an awful situation for the children. I'm guessing a whole lot more will come out in due course - I really thought men had moved on from this. Clearly there is much, much more work to be done.
  2. Excellent defender at this level Baker had issues with lingering concussion - hence the headaches. It's a severe issue - a precursor to brain damage. He needed his 'brain injury' (because thats what concussion is) to be given time. He's rested - obviously given the green light to start heading the ball again - so he plays again. Concussion is career ending. Welcome back Bakes - good luck mate. Some of the comments on here are really judgemental - look up concussion, and see what he has fought through. Happy to see him back.
  3. Ignoring the left / right wing squabble for a moment. It wasn't the RAF of England. A substantial % were of Polish, Dutch and Czech birth, many of whom fought their way across occupied Europe to join the RAF. There were also Canadian, French and American Pilots. Indeed on 'Battle Of Britain' day - 25% OF RAF pilots were Polish or Czech. Lastly - could people please stop calling all German Troops "Nazi's" Outside the SS, the vast majority were ordinary Axis citizens, obeying orders during the war. They were sickened by the atrocities. I used know a couple of WW2 vets who were German - both sickened by what happened, and that everyone tars them with the same brush as the Schutzstaffel The SS reached a max of 800,000 by 1943 - and 40% of those were not German at all - including 40,000 Arab Muslim troops, 50,000 Dutch and 130,000 Hungarian / Romanian. It is offensive to the vast majority of Germans to label them ALL - 'Nazis' 2p
  4. And this is the ex-happy couple... Mind you, he has done a bit for cancer charities, what with having it himself. Not a great commentator, but seems a good bloke.
  5. Hi Chris - sent you a PM! Old chaps reunion on here this weekend!
  6. So that means I was sat behind you! Small world!
  7. Good lord, whatever happened to them. I used to go with Chris Hunt on the coaches for a year or two, and if I remember correctly there were a couple of future CSF stalwarts that went on cats for a season (Wrexham away, and a stolen match ball come to mind - literally everyone got a slap off Wales Finest Police force, until a certain author coughed it up - just what was needed on a miserable wet cold night, standing in the rain, and losing 1-0...) CATS were OK , but having a pee after consuming your 'not-allowed' cans was a real pain. I preferred independent means afterwards, usually because of the 'no drinking' rule on CATS. Plus I got banned anyway after a punch on against Burnley and was spotted by one of the above mentioned son's who told their mother.... Beryl had a right old 'no-shit' attitude - but I really appreciated what she did. Even after being banned! Huge loss to City when she passed on.
  8. And liked by current players Daly and Tutonda. What a basket case that club is................. Feckin brilliant - the methane snorters are going mental.
  9. Jesus wept. There is some utter shite on here from both sides. Just lock the bloody thread and move it.
  10. Clearly NP's first moves were to: 1) Ensure both SL and JL were aware of how bad the culture actually was. 2) Remove bad apples 3) Improve the ancillary roles - medical, conditioning, diets (they are athletes now - or they are supposed to be.....quote from NP) 4) Improve fitness drastically 5) See what he has that pleases him 6) Recruit accordingly This season will be a struggle as the last of the wrong 'uns still need to be shifted, both playing and non-playing, and fitness levels need to be raised. This won't happen until season 2022 in all honestly - so I'm sure the remit is to stay up as soon as possible, and prepare for 2022 in a much,much better position that we are for the 2021 season. Interesting season ahead.
  11. I think Weimann may leave. Do you spend the end of your career (possibly much shorter after that ACL - he is a speed player) in a relegation scrap in the soggy old UK on lesser wages (I assume thats what the 'negotiations' are part of OR: Do you go to Europe on the same reduced wages to a bigger club in a smaller league, say Holland, Belgium, Portugal or even back home to Austria where the weather is better, you get a winter break, and probably play for a club that will challenge for a cup / title or even entry to a European competition. He isn't a dead cert to stay.
  12. Apparently, if you cut of the chain, and change the padlock on a gate, you were apparently able to get in before kick-off, meet a few other select chaps and run the 'tote-End boys' all the way out of that funny little roofed thing in the bottom right. Apparently.
  13. Whilst you disgrace our shirt with your half-arsed efforts, here's what people who don't earn 10K per week live like. My father-in-law died on Tuesday of Covid. My brother-in-law (52 and fit as a flea) is on a ventilator - 50/50 odds - covid again. My wife has cancer My niece has developed a type of blood disorder similar to sickle-cell anaemia. She is 22. I love my AFL - Hawthorn - bottom of league but one I love my family - they are dying or very,very ill. My heart is broken. And I love City. Always have since I was 5. Home and away - 600+ games, and up until 2019, I came back for at least 2 games a year from Australia. I'm done with you shower of utter wasters. Enjoy your cash. Enjoy your VIP areas at the clubs. Enjoy your cars. When you finally piss off and a bunch of guys who would die to wear the shirt of my beloved club take over - then I'm on a plane and back to the gate again. Read this. Read it again. Then ask yourselves - why do they care about me or how I play? I'll tell you. WE DON'T We love Bristol City Football Club. We want the club to succeed. You are temporary. The club is forever. And none of you, bar one or two are fit to represent it.
  14. NP is a great appointment, and I hope he stays. But it is s hard for him at the moment, without his 'own men'. Hence Simpson signing. he needs to know who are in 'cliques' , who's doing the shit-stirring in the dressing room. The bullies, the drinkers, the gamblers - the wrong 'uns basically. The players aren't mugs - they will show NP the face they think he wants to see. NP has the impossible job of seeing the players REAL core in a short space of time. He needs his own trusted team - coaching, tactical, medical. Opinions he can trust. At the moment he is alone in a hornets nest, with only Simpson to keep an extra eye out for 'shenanigans' SL needs to promise, and deliver a 3 year deal, complete autonomy over hiring and firing of all staff - because the rot is embedded in all of them. Not just the players. The dreadful media mob, Downsy, sorry, even Scotty is part of the problem, he's been turning a blind eye to god knows what over the years. NP needs to clean house from boot-studder to CEO. If he doesn't get that guarantee, he wont stay, as there will be NOTHING he can do to change the incestuous comfy circle-jerk that BCFC have been for the last 40 years. 40 years of utter mediocrity. Sign him up, give him the power he needs to do his job, or he will be gone less than an hour after SL says 'no' This club is a cess pit. It needs draining.
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