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  1. Don't be a dick mate. This is her workplace,so no, she shouldn't have to cope with a few meatheads asking her to take her top off when she is there to look after sports injuries. I despair sometimes at how slow people are to accept that this is plain wrong. If your wife or daughter went to work, and some random went up to her and said 'Hi - can I see your tits' - I doubt you would be happy? Same for her mate, same for her.
  2. I think if we get a younger replacement for Martin - anyone who can run out a full game tbh - and have a solid 4 at the back and 4 across the middle, then a heck of a lot of issues will go way. When the midfield crumble, the team crumbles. NP cannot expect the opposition to have an extra player in the middle for most of the game and not for us to come off second best. If we need loans - so be it 4-4-2 - ditch the wingbacks. I know NP has recruited for 3-5-2 but he has to admitted we don't have the mids to cope. If we can't get 3 champ quality loans in 1 striker, 2 mids), then NP will have to switch tactics. Where are these players? I don't know - it's to be hoped the club have a list of potential late loanees Long hard year if we stick with Martin and 3-5-2
  3. I bet nobody is surprised there is a grant for those panels and that BC holdings sell the excess (which is heaps on non-match-days) back to the national grid. But, yeah, it's all altruistic innit. Mugs.
  4. Nobody will be interested in any of the clubs. Everyone will be interested in the land they sit on, especially the ex-brownfill - and the new indoor arena. Everything else is disposable. The only interested party that genuinely showed interest was from the ME and could not care less about the clubs involved, but would be very interested in the arena, offices, flats and undeveloped land remaining. He has left it too late - he will not deal with the ME interest, Russia is legally off the table, and the Chinese are going through a property bust and big recession - the USA is also in a bear market. The buyers were potentially there 2-3 yrs ago Now just one. And SL will not deal with them. As the 100th richest man on Earth, I'm sure he can cope with a few more millions of losses.
  5. England v Germany It's fated history again. "They think it's all over......" 1-0 England in an edge of the seat game
  6. You travel some miles Are you a journo? If not, you have bloody tolerant employers for all your time off! Fair play for your constant positive promotion of the Womens Game and City's Womens side. The club should be approaching you for a reporting role. Or a national newspaper / TV channel - you seem incredibly well informed on this part of English football. Keep it up - love your reports. @JerrySLO Give this guy a contact at the club to talk about a job!
  7. Very tasty - Everton relegated. 4/1 with free losing bet - I may well have a go - thoughts?
  8. 100% With Weimann and Martin up front - he would be almost the Semenyo role with quick run / pass to either link with Martin or put through Weimann. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when NP and CF discuss HNM role - it's so frustrating as there is potentially one hell of a player in there. I can see why HNM is torn between staying and going if this is the case. Surely though @Davefevs @spudski this is exactly the conversation that NP and HNM have to have - "Where do you feel you would play best for Bristol City?" I suspect it either hasn't happened (which would be very strange as NP seems as straight a shooter as there is) - or it has, and HNM agreed to change his role to help the team. As it stands, it seems to be to the detriment of both parties.
  9. First time watching the womens Euro's Was a cracking watch. Spotted @shahanshahan flag! Good entertaining football Co-commentators were excellent - enjoyed Lucy having a crack about Swedish /English fans not being able to buy the empty seats - good on her The officials weren't noticed - which for me, is the highest praise to be given. I suspect the game may have been different had Sweden buried those early chances. But they didn't. On to the final - well played Lionesses
  10. Sorry chaps - have Covid and feel shit, but no excuse for being rude. Apologies
  11. Being in Australia - no I didn't Hence my question. Apologies if you were triggered by my geographical location impeding my listening to a local British broadcaster
  12. Semi-Final at 04.50 am tomorrow. What a perfect time to get 2 weeks off with Covid - semi-final and hopefully the final on Monday morning. I'll be coughing my support!
  13. Either HNM's dad is a rubbish agent - or we are asking too much. I suspect it's the latter based on current financial markets. If he wants to go now - lower the price and ease his way out. No point playing hardball if he wants to go. $1,000,000 question - why does he want to go??
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