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  1. For me, our recruitment has to be better this summer. Even though our injury record was horrendous last season, we still ended up signing too many players in the summer with poor availability records in recent seasons eg King, Simpson, James. We can’t afford to make the same mistake again. Whilst injuries are obviously part and parcel of football and can’t be predicted, we need to be more decisive and savvy in this area and stay away from players with questionable appearance/ injury records. Our recruitment policy (or lack of it) is concerning for a club at championship level.
  2. RSW8

    Matt James

    Like many, I had high hopes when he signed in the summer. After a fairly promising start, his performances have unfortunately deteriorated as the season has progressed. Whilst injuries have undoubtedly not helped, he simply doesn’t look fit or mobile enough for me as a central midfield player in the championship. Needs to work hard on his fitness over the summer to have a better impact for us next season I feel.
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