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  1. The whole 11 mins I was waiting for the police, I thought the person who did it was going to come back with an axe or a chainsaw to try and cover it up, obviously then it dawned on me that I'd be in a life threatening situation too. Thankfully police turned up.... Then a near 4 hour interrogation followed as they had to rule me out. Not my best day. But they found the F*"#@' straight away thankfully. Still tried to deny any involvement and kept changing his story.
  2. Indeed. And if its not said player who people are alluding to and its someone else, then what? People may well be right, but I'll wait.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/07/19/premier-league-player-arrested-suspicion-child-sex-offences/amp/ Won't say on here who it is believed to be but it seems to be one of two. But one is getting the full attention but I will wait until the authorities announce said person due to possible legal actions. A few years back I was involved in a rape and murder trial (I found the young girl the following morning) and people were spreading rumours online as to who it was because the person who did it couldn't be named for legal reasons (under age himself) and when I went to court, it was not anyone who I had seen, so just be cautious about it all.
  4. I said at the time that arsenal should have signed Webster from us. Good piece of business from Brighton if they get that much for him
  5. Is that still a thing? My apologies. Still stand by it though. Remember seeing an interview with Bobby Robson many years ago (annoyingly I've never been able to find it on YouTube) where he said about the 4th penalty being the most important. Interview was about italia 90 and Stuart Pearce. Out of the shootout against West Germany, the penalty he was leased worried about was Pearce's because it just never crossed his mind that he'd miss.
  6. Boycott it. Thus ends my involvement in this thread as I won't bring anything else useful to it. But that's just me.
  7. It's a fair point. I remember Portugal went out after 4 pens at a tournament a few years back and Ronaldo was in line to take the 5th. But surely you play the event. If 4 and 5 do need to be brought forward then do it. Surely players are not that robotic that they can't move one place forward if need be?
  8. I'd never criticise a player for missing a pen in a shootout. Takes a lot of bottle to step up to be one of the first 5. I always said that the best takers should go 4th and 5th as they're most crucial. But maybe I'm just too old school now.
  9. Not aiming this at you directly but it's something I've always raised with people when they said the NHS needs more money.... All I ask is "how much more?" Very few people put their head above the parapet with a tangible response. You can double the budget as it currently stands and there will be people that will still say it needs more money. It needs reform, reform doesn't mean privatisation, but a streamline that money actually goes where it needs to go and spent more wisely and efficiently.
  10. Great game this. Had a feeling belgium would score before half time even though Italy's 2nd was so close to it. Hope Italy can hold on and win.
  11. Could well be the case. Hell of a risk but if it works, then bravo. We should attack the left hand side with Shaw and grealish more often
  12. Oh look. We attack with some speed and we score. How strange...... Best not do it again. Nosebleed.
  13. I actually want Germany to take the lead in this game. Give us a reason to actually go forward and take a risk now and again, plus he might.... Might..... Might.... Bring on sancho, grealish and rashford
  14. He was good on champ back in the day.
  15. In addition, I didn't have to worry about my alarm going off. 4am on the dot. There it went.
  16. Well I did set my alarm for 4am as I fly to Edinburgh this morning, but I've not been able to sleep due to a mix of excitement but also not wanting to risk sleeping through my alarm.
  17. The only game Portugal won in 90 mins in Euro 2016 was the Wales game in the semi final. Stupid format having 3 teams go through in the group stage.
  18. Bit of a cult following for gamers. I did the same a few years back on fifa. Young tall quick striker, snapped up as early as possible.
  19. That's true. I always thought it was more shift workers but suppose it could well be that and I've just assumed. I made a decision never to look at my phone in the event I stay on it for ages.
  20. Sorry for the delayed response, I've only just seen this. People keep tagging the wrong batman Since my last post, she has signed the necessary documentation and sent it back to the solicitor dealing with the order. She didn't show a solicitor in the end. Probably because, as you say, they'd tell her she'd be entitled to xyz. So that's something at least. I've not taken any sleeping medication for a few nights now and bar waking up at 3 this morning, I did get back to sleep pretty quickly so I am hoping I won't be needing them any longer. I am sorry to have read of your situation too. Its so worrying how we can trust someone like that and then they be so deceitful. And well done for all that you have achieved since. Your son is very proud I am sure.
  21. Let him take control of Nottingham forest. Let's see if he wins the champions league back to back within 5 years of taking over. No Messi, no Iniesta, no xavi, no party.
  22. Tammy with his champions league medal.
  23. Great game. Kante superb. Pep once again can't win it without inheriting Messi, Iniesta, xavi etc.
  24. Only been outside it. Was supposed to go watch foo fighters there back for my 30th but dave ghrol broke his leg and cancelled the European tour. Kept the American shows though, bastard. :laugh:
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